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If you read Home, Heart, and Hearth on Tumblr, you may have seen that the New Boeotian calendar and my post about “but what do the Gods REALLY want???” got some glowing recommendation. 🙂 HHH also highlights a lot of other highly recommended blogs and posts, so go check out the entire post here. If you don’t regularly read Home, Heart, and Hearth, why not? Go start, now!

And remember, kids, the calendar is only $4, especially relative to the work I put into it, that’s apparently a steal for such a thing. I’m going to need to get another loaf of bread, soon, and my foodstamp card is empty until the 19th, and the Ypsilanti Farmer’s Market opens up again on Tuesday (where I have some IOU garlic to pick up and, understandably, would like to get more than some garlic that’s already been paid for). If you really can’t do $4 for the calendar, contact me and we’ll see if we can work something else out.


From young fans on Tumblr

From joeyx:

On this day in 1977: Marc Bolan died when the purple Mini he was a passenger in hit a tree; he was 29.

Today’s soundtrack: Gimme those first handful of T. Rex albums. The 70’s never sounded so fabulous.

Today’s screening: All six episodes of MARC. Especially the one where Marc falls off the stage and Bowie laughs:

Today’s arm candy: Marc and Siouxie Sioux

Today’s quote: “Be strong and follow your own convictions. You can’t assume there is a lot of time to do what you like. This is what David Bowie is afraid of: that he will die before he gets a chance to make a real strong contribution.”


From bowiemakesmetingle:

So today’s the 36th anniversary of Marc Bolan’s death.

I really do adore him; he’s so funny, so sweet, cute, gorgeous and talented, and you know what? I actually couldn’t give a crap what all these ”Hipsters” ”Swag Fags” ”Chavs” and ”WhateverTheHellCommonPeopleAreCallingThemselvesTheseDays” have to say; How i’m ”Gay”,


”Old” and ”Boring”; taking the piss out of the way i am, because all i have to do is think of Marc (or Bowie for that matter) and i can just ignore them; Those two men are my saviours – They really are two HEROES.

Bolan & Jones

from kritikospa:

Marc Bolan died died in a car crash on this day in 1977, two weeks before his 30th birthday.

Photo: Marc Bolan and and his girlfriend,Gloria Jones (She did not learn of Bolan’s death until the day of his funeral. When she was well enough to leave the hospital, she soon found that Bolan’s fans had looted what was left of his possessions. Jones and Bolan were not legally married, so she was not entitled to any inheritance, except for £10,000 which Bolan had left her in his will, drafted in 1973).

From psotsipute:
36 years ago today, Marc Bolan died, which as of today is one of the reasons I’m persuaded I was born in the wrong decade. I guess it’s useful in some way to point out that my late Guinea pig Desdemona was named partly after this song.

From gothtriggers:

Goth People Problems; Halloween edition

Dress up as Marc Bolan, everyone thinks you’re Slash.

I will not coddle to your stupidity: “Time heals all wounds” is true, Tumblr


So, I saw this image recently cross-posted from Tumblr to Facebook by one of my friends, and this is some of the stupidest crap I’ve seen in a while.

“They say time heals all wounds, I disagree…” and then goes on to add to the idiom something about scar tissue.

Guess what? If you have a scar, you’re healed! Ask any surgeon or general physician. Ask some-one who has had several surgeries (like myself). Scars are proof of having healed from something. If you have to have a life-saving surgery, you’re going to have a scar. Sure, some surgeons can stitch you up so as to potentially minimise the appearance of scars, but dependent on the nature of the surgery, genetics, age, and other potential factors, the scar will still be visible, one way or another. Hell, if you know what to look for, you can even spot the scars on some of the best face lifts that Midtwentieth Hollywood surgeons cranked out with succession.

And say it’s heart surgery, or some other major internal organ —you’re probably not going to be the same, you’re probably not going to be able to do everything you were previously able to, but you have you survived, you have healed, and you have the scars to prove it. Even Alexis St. Martin technically healed, just not in the ideal manner for his quality of life; ask any body piercer, a fistula is a healing, it is skin regrowing itself in a manner that forms a channel.

“Time heals all wounds”? Yeah, generally it’s true; physically, if you don’t heal from your wounds, you can get infected and die — and emotionally, if you don’t heal, you can breakdown. But if you have “scar tissue”, physical or emotional, you have HEALED. If you can get on with your life in a meaningful way, even if not the same meaning as you had before, you have HEALED. Healing isn’t about restoring everything to its previous state; healing is about the body, or the psyche, taking care of itself so that you can move on from the experience and continue to learn, grow, and live —sometimes you have to do things to help the process of healing along, and healing itself means you will never be 100% as you previously were, but oh well, no-one said life was easy.

Words mean things. They don’t always mean what you might think they mean or what some-one might intend for them to mean. Do some people throw that idiom around to be dismissive of your problems and your healing process? Absolutely —but is it really any less stupid to basically undefine “healing” because someone else was a stupid jerk? Absolutely not.

“Time heals all wounds”, as a generalisation, is true. Scar tissue is healing. Healing is not about returning to an untouched state of being, it’s about patching up and moving on.

In Defence of Sex as Sacred

All the paganism, Tantra, meditation, sacred sex, and BDSM sex magic(k) books and workshops represent a step backward. They are very convenient ways of rationalizing sexual pleasure by letting people claim that it’s about “something more” than just making your body feel good. All the sweat and cum and juices and the delicious, confusing carnality of sex get shoved back into the closet in favor of much tidier abstractions so that we can believe that we’re not just shallow hedonists. And that takes us back to square one, where we were told by our teachers, priests, and parents that sex was good — or at least acceptable — when done for any reason other than physical pleasure.

Now, I haven’t gone back to the source on this, because this alone was enough to incense me with rage at the immensely gross misunderstanding of every spiritual revelation I’ve had thus far.

ALL SEX is inherently spiritual. It doesn’t matter if your intention is procreation, magic, religious ecstasy, or pure and unadulterated pleasure. If you don’t think sex is sacred, great, good for you, but demonising those who have a spiritual relationship with sex, whatever our reasons, by accusing us of taking “a step backwards” isn’t going to help anybody.

Pleasure, even just the “base” bodily pleasures of the body, are, or at least can be, spiritually significant. The first sensation to run its current through the universe, Desire, governed by Eros, and the offspring of that, Pleasure. These sensations are inherently sacred and spiritual, even if people don’t wish to acknowledge that. When we act “for pleasure”, our sensory area of the brain opens up a window for contact with those primordial forces and the deities who guide them; from then, we either reach ourselves out to it, or not, but it’s that opening by our genetic memories to the sacred energies and most ancient of Deathless Ones that ultimately brings that pleasure –it’s when we acknowledge that sacred that we have a spiritual relationship with not only sex, but all of life’s pleasures.

Do some people, of all sorts of religions, use that information (or some variant of it) as a crutch, limiting themselves with it? Of course. Do some people use it as a set of shoe lifts for the ego, in a flailing attempt to try and make oneself seem more important than one is? Of course. But it’s those people, for those reasons, that are taking the step backwards. By conflating the spiritual with the ego, and the evolution of the soul with self-delusion, that’s the step backwards. By denying that sex is both spiritual AND biological pleasure, and that even the pleasures that most people see as inherently “earthly” are crucially beneficial to the soul, THAT is the step backwards.

Furthermore, it really bothers me when people, even self-identified pagans, especially traditional polytheists (and this goes double for the Hellenists) use “hedonism” as a synonym for self-absorbed. This is why Aristippus’ ‘Kyreniac’ school splintered and Epicurus founded his own, people don’t get it, that it is those ‘little pleasures’ that become the gateway to Hedone, and ultimately Her Holiest parents, Eros and Psykhe, the eldest progeny of Nyx and the youngest of the Moirai. Through those pleasures, we learn our fates, and what by learning what we desire most, we learn our place in the great tapestry of the Cosmos. There is no such thing as ‘mundane’ or ‘shallow’ pleasure, unless that pleasure is taken without knowlegde that all of it is sacred, and knowledge can only be gained with experience. If one lacks that experience, then it’s cos one never took the opportunity to throw open the sash when the window presented itself; if one lacks that experience, it’s cos one mistook noticing the window and peering through it for actually touching the Divine.

Mother Nyx and Why You Should Never Ask Me About Ancient Egypt

A while back, I wrote that, while I have immense respect for Mother Nyx, I didn’t really give Her much explicit worship. I didn’t feel it was my place to do so, and so I kept a fair distance and only offered what I knew to be Her due. There is nothing wrong with that, because that’s as it should be —anyway, ask the Orphics what could happen if you deny one of your deities Their fair measures.

Since that moth landed on me last week, Eros has been bugging me to give more to Mother Nyx.

This is what I get for ignoring pop culture.

Of course, I just had to do a search on the Internet and, hoping to find, you know, real information, found a lot of this, instead. I’ve read the synopsis of the series on Wikipedia, and oh dear, I have a feeling that, if i read these books, I’d get the same kind of impression off of these books that Stoney321 got off of Twilight (considering she, apparently, grew up Mormon). Just reading the plot description on the Internet encyclopedia that everybody hates to love, I get the impression that the women who wrote this meant well, but I don’t get a genuine Nyx vibe off of some of the pertinent excerpts I managed to find at all; of course, those were on the tablet, and I’m not going to fight to try and C&P anything on that thing, and I don’t care enough to look it up on the desktop. I might still eventually read them, if only “for the lulz”; seriously, it’s like a weird hybrid of Harry Potter, Twilight (complete with Magical Natives!), and Percy Jackson (without even half the homework completed), and twice as long as either series. There’s going to be something deliciously stupid about this crap.

In other news, I’ve grown really frustrated with Tumblr. I’m going to keep doing Hellenic Problems and How I See Eros, but I’m going to stay away from any pagan / polytheist blog that focuses too hard on “issues”, cos frankly, I’ve come to the conclusion that all the “Social Justice” talk on Tumblr is just as much based on UPG as a good third of what I post here. Sure, there’s a lot that seems pretty basic and is stuff anybody with any sense can learn pretty easily, but after a certain point for each “issue”, the only polite thing to do is just let the people affected by those issues most to discuss it amongst themselves, because if you have comparative “privilege” in that area (like being apparently white and / or a gender-normative male, for example), nothing you say is going to go over well with everybody in that group, no matter which “side” you take, you’re basically saying some-one’s UPG is more valid than another’s —and the only time a person can really make that call is when they’re actually affected by the topic in question.

You know, it’s like “Don’t ask an Apollonian about the mysteries of Persephone; ask some-one versed in the mysteries of Persephone, but take heed, cos if you ask five different Persephone people, you run the risk of getting up to twenty different answers”. I’m a bit of a people-pleaser, and there are times when it genuinely distresses me when I realise that, no matter what I say, I’m going to make someone unhappy; the only times it doesn’t matter is “when I know I’m right”, and we all know that when I know I’m right, I’m infallibly right —if you don’t think so, that’s your problem. 😉 I’m rarely too staunch about my own rightness unless it’s about factual correctness.

Of course, then there’s my taste in music, which is just inherently superior to yours. But I don’t preach to the unbelievers, I just pity them.

Related to all that Tumblr drama, I realised I was going to make some people very unhappy, indeed, if I decided to say any more than I did on the colours of ancient Egyptians. Thankfully, nobody’s tried to hand my ass to me, but all things considered, I have science on my side. See, I grew up in a predominantly Black and very low-prole neighbourhood; now, I know this doesn’t make me an expert on all things Black, but I like to think that I have a slightly better understanding understanding of poor urban Blacks than your average white boy about my age and of similar education, but it’s still probably not going to measure up to what some activists would like. On the other hand, I had an Egypt phase as a kid —fair enough— and the “Egyptian race controvery” has fascinated me since high school, so I get very interested in any studies of Egyptian mummy DNA and other mummy genetic studies. There are a LOT of Egyptian mummies with Caucasoid hair types, just about as many as there are mummies with Black African hair types, and yes, I’ll trust that a geneticist will be able to tell the difference with his microscopes and shit better than a blogger who, at best, might have photos to accompany one’s speculation.

This is not white-washing; no more than that famous photo of an Afghani girl with dark red hair and bright green eyes.

* The leading consensus on the “race” of ancient Egyptians is that the “indigenous” population of Egypt has remained relatively consistent in this last three thousand years —people get a bit paler the further north you go, and darker the further south you go.
* The aristocratic classes in Egypt have variously been Nubian, Persian, Greek, and others. Egypt is pretty much a rainbow of skin-colours no matter where in the country you go, no matter what point in time you visit.
* Sure, there’s no reasons for modern depictions of various Egyptian deities to be pale, but there’s really no reason they need to be dark, either. That’s kind of what happens where an ancient culture, such as Egypt, defines “race” as “the culture one is a part of”, and that culture has all sorts of people, with all sorts of skin colours, eye colours, hair colours, and hair textures. Egypt is in North Africa, which is one of those regions like the Middle East and Central Asia, where people has historically just all fucked until they were the same colour; well, actually that’s not how those alleles work, what happens in those regions, and pretty much always has (especially in pre-modern eras), is that it’s been so diverse for so long, that there’s a far greater variation of skin-colours and other features typically “racialised” (like the shape of nose, brow, etc…), that even within the same family, there can be a wide array of “racial” features.

By the way, have I mentioned this week yet that I’m needing a circle punch so that I can keep working? I have? Ah well, I’m mentioning it again.

Q: What is paganism? A: Absolutely nothing.

At least if you wander over to Tumblurgh. Oh, fuck, I guess it’s not restricted to that pinheaded site..

It’s kind of been bothering me in recent months how utterly devoid of any real meaning the word “pagan” is.

“‘Pagan’ means ‘person of a non-Abrahamic religion'”, says the dictionary. Oh, but here are Christians and Muslims who want to be pagans, too, and here’s some people appropriating Kabballah, guess we can’t say that any-more. See, I used to think that the wormer was called “folk Christianity / Islam” and the latter was “cultural misappropriation”, but I guess not.

“So I guess ‘pagan’ means ‘some-one practising a religion reconstructing, influenced, inspired by, or syncretic with pre-Christian and pre-Islamic religions.” Oh, but here are Atheists who don’t actually believe in any of that shit, and here you have this guy, who wrote a book, and he says “true pagans do not worship deities”, but they’re attuned to nature, and do these rituals and shit, even though it’s just going through the motions.

“Alright, ‘pagan’ means ‘some-one into nature, and maybe but not necessarily religious and/or ritualistic about it’.” Fuck. OK, scratch the first part, because “pagans”, by the dictionary definition, have loved their cities and been trying to get away from ‘nature’ since ancient times. And there are these guys over here who don’t do rituals at all.

“So…. ‘Pagan’ means you’re socially and / or politically left-leaning, and just want people to get along?” You obviously haven’t met some of the same recons I have.

“So then what is paganism?” Nothing. Nothing at all. It’s an empty word, rendered devoid of any real meaning, except to empty people. It’s root, paganus used to be slang for “country dweller”, and then it became a pejorative word for polytheists, and later that included old women living on the outskirts of town who still practised herbalism, but “witch” was more common in the latter case. In the 19th Century, the word “Neopagan” was coined to sort of give a playful ribbing to Hellenophiles and Platonists, like Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley and similar people, usually associated with them, but some of them were atheists who just dug on the imagery, though there’s evidence sometimes even the atheists among them would dig on communing with nature, or at least what passed for “nature” in the English countryside; later that century, the term was reclaimed by the whole “back to nature” fad, but a lot of them were actually Christians. In the Midtwentieth, “pagan” was readopted by people into the Wicca thing and other similar movements, polytheistic reconstructionists, and similar, but those who were actually religious preferred their own terms.

“But what about the pagan community?” Hell if I know…. Most of them, in my experiences, really don’t get along with each-other on even the most basic levels, but still put up with each-other because we’re all simply “not of an Abrahamic religion”, except the handful of us who are. Sometimes I think we’re vaguely united by social and political interests, and then some Fucko into Nazi Mysticiam, or Robin Artisson, has to take out his dirty clown cock, and shatter that illusion I’ve put up for myself. I’ve met an appalling number of Libertarians, some of whom desperately cling to the Republican label in spite of all the Dominionists ruining that train, in the reconstructionist movements, but then it’s not like I’ve ever been a “pure Marxist”, more of a liberal Socialist, so I’m really not surprised.

“There’s nothing that unites you guys?” Not that I can see.

“So why do you still cling to the label?” To be perfectly honest, I’ve been less and less attached to it, lately. I read certain bloggers who self-identify as “pagan” because their writing interests me, but I don’t read all “pagan blogs” I know about, because some of them annoy me, and either way, I don’t always share much of anything in common with those bloggers. On the occasions, maybe since March, at least, that I’ve self-applied the term “pagan”, it’s just been out of habit, and an empty one, at that, since I realise the term is completely devoid of any real meaning at this point.

“Why do you think others do it?” Probably the same kind of habit for some. For others, I imagine it’s cos they’re just empty people who need something, anything to identify with, and the pagan community is kind of notorious for accepting and tolerating damned near any bullshit from anybody, even if it’s supposedly against their own ideals and “ethics”, they’ll tolerate that bullshit because they’re all so empty-headed that they think “follow your bliss an’ harm none” means that as long as people aren’t being physically violent, certain concepts like dignity and integrity shouldn’t matter, because Johnny Rahowa is just “following his bliss an’ harming none” and we should be tolerant cos it’s just his belief, but if I “follow my bliss an’ harm none” by leaving the same room that shit’s allowed to be spewed in, and go home and do my own fucking rituals, I’m being intolerant and should be prayed for —don’t even get me started on saying things like “paganism should mean something.”

“Sounds frustrating.” Oh, you have NO idea.

While I’m at it, did you remember that I’m raising money for a circle punch so that I can make badges, again? This is actually becomming a significant second income for me, but if I can’t make more badges, after my current stock that I used to take to weekenders runs out, I’m not going to have that income any-more. I also give some good reasons here why this will actually benefit people who read this blog.


Well, I’m getting the itch to blog more Erotic and Boeotian polytheistic goodness again, and coincidentally, assuming AccuWeather stays correct, the last super-hot day of the year jusr passed us, meaning it is again reasonable to pick more than one or two days a week to write a load of pre-dated posts to a single blog. I’m probably going to start blogging on here again later this week. In the meantime, since I’m updating from the humanoid meat-based house-mate’s tablet, I’m just going to tell you to go to and click on the link to the IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for a circle punch for my badgering. I asked Sannion to plug it, and while he agreed if I’d add to his dithyramb project, I’ve been a tad on the uninspired side of Dionysos lately —as in this last two or three years— so I figured I’d say something here, since I’ve got the polytheist blogging itch. Also, check out my new tumblog at