It seems this blog is inspiring! :-D

Laurelei Black has nominated Of Thespiae as a Very Inspiring Blogger! I guess this means that I need to finish those drafts that I started on the tablet and need to finish at the desktop, eh?

So, the award is a pretty informal thing, it seems, but here’s how it works:

  • upon receiving the award, post it and link back to the person who nomi ated you.
  • post seven interesting things about yourself
  • pass out the award to seven other people (so sayeth a lot of other bloggers on the Internet), but a lot of people seem to add to that, but the “official” minimum of awards you’re expected to pass out is seven
  • let the people you nominated know that you inspire them either via email, comment, private message on social sites, etc…

So, first the facts:

1) I’m a Leo, but only because of the year, hour, and coordinates of my birth. I know just enough about astrology to k ow that the “on the cusp” thing has been oversimplified to the point of uselessness, by many people self-appointing as “experts” in astrology. The “cusp” thing, as I understand it, is NOT possessing of traits from two signs, but simply means that due to the date of your birth being on the “city limit” for the sign, and thd fluctuating nature of the position of the stars, you might actually have been born under thd other sign, and this is determined by year, time of date, and geographical coordinates. I’m a tad obsessed with the Leo symbolism, to the same degree that I usually see in Scorpio people –no Leo tattoos, yet, but my last leather jacket, I had painted the Leo symbol on the wrist, and on my current messenger bag, I specifically bought a bedazzler just the decorate the plain black flap with rhinestones arranged in the constellation of Leo.

2) I’ve been a staunch supporter of the colour purple since I was a little kid –longer than I can remember, if my mother was to be believed. Or, I suppose, if you want to be a pedant, my favourite colours are in the violet family. While violet is technically a grouping of shades of purple, not all purples are violets. Violet is more blueish-hued, so a lot of things marked as “purple”, especially when there’s a variation designated to be “violet” in colour, will be more reddish than violet. Of course, despite being an insufferable pedant, I stopped correcting people about two years ago about the big chunk of violet in my hair, when they describe it as being “blue” rather than “violet” of “purple”.

3) I watch more television than most pagans, especially traditional pllytheists I know, will admit to. The majority of the television shows that I watch are crime dramas, 1960s sit-coms, 1980s UK sit-coms, and silent films on Turner Classic Movies. I was practically raised on The Glldrn Girls, and before I was ten years old, with the exception of anything explicitly “for children”, I never saw a film made after 1969. Despite being a kid in the 1980s, I complain about a lot of television that was on even then (especially the shit sandwich of Hanna-Barbara reruns packaged on USA in the late 80s as the “cartoon express), and am oddly fascinatdd by modrrn and especially current animated programs, especially Adventure Time, which is practically the artistic des endent of Felix and Max Fleischer.

4) My favourite genres of music include: Power Pop, Art Rock, Post-Punk / Old School Goth, New Wave, Darkwave, Avantgarde Classical, Pagan Neofolk, Ska, Classic Soul / Motown, British Rhythm & Blues, Modern & Traditional Jazz, Baroque Pop, and pop music of the 1920s and 30s. I really don’t like heavy metal all that much, and in all honesty, I’m not a big fan of punk rock bands formed after about 1980 (there are a few exceptions —like Iron Maiden and The Dead Milkmen). I kinda like the New Jack Swing era of hip-hop, as it borrowed heavily from the Motown era of soul and 1970s funk —but most of the rap and hip-hop I listen to tends to be far left political; if you replace every line in that Chuck Norris meme with “Chuck D”, it’s at least twice as true. I was raised on classical music, Broadway musical so the 1940s through 1960s, Motown, and whatever jazz-influenced rock music you’d call Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart.

5) I feel far more naked without eyeliner and hair product than I do without clothing. I’m dead serious. Even at the height of my “I’m not a goth” phase, I seldom went out to a nightclub, bar, or any special event, really, without at least a light ring of eyeliner on my inner rims. And speaking of: Probably the biggest factor that drove me away from the Goth scene for nearly six years was the fact that, early on in my transition from female-to-male, every single friend I lost was from the Goth scene. Every. Single. One. They were so NOT all from Michigan, either; a couple live in NYC. A few were New Englanders. A couple were from Los Angeles and San Francisco, each. Thinking about it, I don’t think I lost any friend from the UK or Europe over that, I just lost touch with them over the years. I now literally laugh out loud every time I see some-one making sweeping proclamations that the goth scene is somehow universally welcoming and accepting of GBLTs, cos in my experience, that’s not necessarily true.

6) I haven’t seen my natural hair colour in sixteen years. I remember it’s auburn —that’s AUBURN, not “red”, not “ginger”. Auburn is basically brunet with red tones and natural reddish highlights. I’m also the palest and second shortest member of my family, counting the last two generations on each side. I don’t tan, or even freckle. My eyes are also extremely photosensitive; in 100% clear daylight or under sufficiently bright artificial light, I can barely see with any usefulness, and my opthamologist has written on my eyeglasses prescription to get tinting. At the height of my adolescent gothness, I got accused of “playing vampire” a lot when I’d admit any of that, even though it’s all true and merely coincidental to listening to Sex Gang Children and Propaganda.

7) I’m allergic to: all three local grasses, four out of seven local trees, ragweed, soya, lithium carbonate, aspirin, naproxen sodium (brand name: Aleve), both species of dust mites, dandelion, a few of the less-common household moulds, and latex. My skin reacts to Gain, Tide, and several store brands of laundry detergent, most scented fabric softeners and dryer sheets, and several brands of unscented dryer sheets, a couple popular brands of face powder (I think one is Revlon), milkweed, aloe vera sap (not the gel inside the stalks, but the sap produced by the skin of aloe stalks, it’s an irritant to most people, but I’ve gotten stronger reactions than others), certain brands of pool chlorine, certain brands of shoe polish, and every delipatory cream I’ve tried except for Veet. Sometimes, I seriously marvel at the fact that I can leave the house.

My minimum-of-seven blogs I nominate as Very Inspiring Bloggers:

Hopefully, I’ll remember to let every-one know, later.


2 thoughts on “It seems this blog is inspiring! :-D

  1. I quite enjoyed learning these things about you. (And also feel you deserve this award in spades!)

    However, it’s amusing that you include a blog I haven’t updated in over a year on your list.


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