Well, I’m getting the itch to blog more Erotic and Boeotian polytheistic goodness again, and coincidentally, assuming AccuWeather stays correct, the last super-hot day of the year jusr passed us, meaning it is again reasonable to pick more than one or two days a week to write a load of pre-dated posts to a single blog. I’m probably going to start blogging on here again later this week. In the meantime, since I’m updating from the humanoid meat-based house-mate’s tablet, I’m just going to tell you to go to http://oddmodout.peacockfairy.com and click on the link to the IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for a circle punch for my badgering. I asked Sannion to plug it, and while he agreed if I’d add to his dithyramb project, I’ve been a tad on the uninspired side of Dionysos lately —as in this last two or three years— so I figured I’d say something here, since I’ve got the polytheist blogging itch. Also, check out my new tumblog at http://modpagan.tumblr.com


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