I offer Mantis (seer, divination) service for minimum donations, but you are free to donate whatever you think is a fair price.

Please come to me with clear questions or situations you want answers for. I am not comfortable with attempting to relay any messages from specific deities (not even Eros, Nyx, or Apollon) that are ostensibly for people other than myself; basically, i am not your “god-phone”

  • Hydroscrying ($50): A very ancient form of divination, used in ancient Hellas (notably by Plutarch); the mantis approaches a spring (many ancient cities had one dedicated to hydroscrying) or a bowl of water and interprets the visions given by the motions, etc…. Best for reading similar to “oracular trance” as it can sometimes take me up to or over four hours or more for a decent vision out of my bowl.
  • Kaphemanteia ($15): “Cup creading”. I tend to use tea or coffee (and I prefer coffee); Greek coffee reading is directly related to the ancient Hellenes reading of the sediments remaining in the bottom of a wine glass and coffee and tea reading were also developed independently in Ethiopia and China, respectively, at around the time Hellenes were reading wine sediments. Symbols in the grounds or leaves can give a more generalised reading. In-person readings ONLY, and can take the better part of an hour from beginning to end, starting with making the coffee or tea. Because of the social nature of this method, I only offer these readings in-person. If you live in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, feel free to make an appointment or watch this blog for updates on open readings at local spots.
  • Pendulum dowsing ($15): Also an ancient method, and one that still enjoys relative popularity today. I use a hand-painted scroll for a board, and a chambered pendulum. Best for simpler Q&A readings, but can potentially give a more generalised response.
  • Smoke-and-Laurel scrying ($20): I take a laurel leaf from my own tree blessed in Apollon’s name, wash it, and then hold it into a flame or on the screen over incense. I read the smoke like I do cup sediments. Good for a generalised reading or simple Q&A, but I don’t offer this in winter, when my laurel has to be inside.
  • Hellenic Alphabet Oracle ($5): Still pretty new to this ancient system discovered in Lycia; kinda like rune divination, only in Greek (seriously the best way to describe it to those unfamiliar with this specific system). Each letter symbolises something that can help form a general-answer divination. I tend to get a good answer after interpreting three or four letters.
  • Homeric Verse Oracle ($5): Also pretty new to this. Based on a system in the Greek Magical Papyri. the throw of dice corresponds with a Homeric verse. I’m getting comfortable with the symbolism and generalised answers of a three or four-verse divination.
  • Card readings ($10): I do not use tarot. My cards are the Eros Oracle Deck and the Art Deco Fortune-Telling Cards.
  • Cryptique spirit board (soon?): I recently purchased from a British eBayer the now-out-of-print Cryptique spirit board because Eros Thanatos told me to (even told me to wait a day, which was the day the exchange rate from Pound Sterling to US Dollar went up, meaning it cost me less than the first day I saw it. I may offer services that would use it, but I may not, and either decision may change in the future.

I can perform divination at my home (by appointment only, minimum two days in advance), or on-line (on-line readings are not available for Kaphemanteia sessions). On-line divination may be given over Skype. Skype sessions are best arranged by appointment (best if arranged a minimum of twenty-four hours prior). If you prefer e-mail, I have a contact page. I reserve the right to reject any divination offers, especially at my home.

In the near future, I will look up the local laws regarding street vendors, and may offer divination in downtown Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti.

This is a legitimate religious practise; it is no more or less for “entertainment” value than a Catholic confession, pentecostal exorcism, Quaker group mysticism, Buddhist meditation, or so on. That said, I cannot 100% guarantee that your interpretation of what I tell you I’ve seen will be accurate, nor can I guarantee my own interpretations (even the best diviners have only a 75% accuracy rate), and I cannot guarantee that you will immediately be able to make any sense out of it, nor can I guarantee that you ever will. I can only tell you what I believe the Theoi have shown me, and what you take from that is entirely up to you. I absolutely cannot, in good consciousness, claim that this is “for entertainment purposes only”.

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