Arete Kyrene Press

Arete Kyrene Press is the Polytheism & Spirituality / Non-fiction imprint of SHS Publishing. Named for Arete of Kyrene, the daughter of Aristippus of Kyrene, the founding philosopher of the Kyrenaic school of Classical Hedonism and the inheritor of his school. While no known works of Arete’s survives, she was held in great esteem in Antiquity. Wrote J.A. Zahm (referencing Johann Christoph Wolf’s 1739 Mulierum Graecarum):

She is said to have publicly taught natural and moral philosophy in the schools and academies of Attica for thirty-five years, to have written forty books, and to have counted among her pupils one hundred and ten philosophers. She was so highly esteemed by her countrymen that they inscribed on her tomb an epitaph which declared that she was the splendour of Greece and possessed the beauty of Helen, the virtue of Thirma, the pen of Aristippus, the soul of Socrates and the tongue of Homer.


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