Words & Terms I Use On the Blog & How I Use Them

Hellenistai / Hellenistos / Helleneste: Plural, masculine, and feminine forms of “Hellenic polytheist”

Hellenismos / Hellenic polytheism / Hellenic reconstruction: see What Is Hellenismos? at Urban Hellenistos

Hellenic Neo-Paganism: worship of the Hellenic pantheon in modern methodology; Hellenic Neo-Wicca or Hellenic Shamanism, for example. PLEASE NOTE: Though a certain contingent of persons employing reconstructionist methods use the term “Neo-Paganism” in a pejorative light, I assure you, that I will never do that on this blog, I am simply using the “Neo-” prefix to illustrate a method or practise that is generally considered to be “modern” and not an innovation based on a reconstructionist methology. (also note: “Shamanism”, as used by many in the greater Pagan and Neo-Pagan community, is in fact modern; there is no such thing as a “shaman” in any Native American tribal religious practise; my first boyfriend’s mother grew up on a reservation and was the first person to tell me this, also, NAFPS, a group of Native American tribal persons and their supporters, corroborate her words)

mythos / mythology: The sacred texts of any religion / the study of those collected texts