Comment Policy

Before you comment:

  • I don’t allow any marginalising language against disenfranchised persons in the comments, neither as personal attacks nor as group attacks. This means no racism, homophobia, transphobia, gendered bias, ableism (toward those with physical or mental/emotional handicaps), classism, etc…. No MRA bullshit, and non nonsense about “reverse [discrimination] that doesn’t really exist. If I think certain comments are bad enough (even the best of us say busted things without thinking about it), I will delete your comment. I am not obligated to explain to you why (though I probably will, cos I’d rather you learn it from me than some other kid on the playground); if you choose to comment here, you are obligated to think about what you’re saying and accept the consequences in the event it may go too far.
  • Comments are moderated not only for spam-control but for headachhe control; creating a DisqUs account for commenting may help avoid any potential quirks in the system, should you choose to use another log-in or none at all. If your comment has been moderated, please don’t make it again; you might be flagged for SPAM by the system, meaning I may not see it — and you may also annoy me, which won’t give me any incentive to Approve your comments in the future.
  • For some reason, Pingbacks keep getting flagged as “Spam” by the WordPress software, and I don’t know why. I try to get to these and Approve them a few times a week, but sometimes it slips my mind. I have nothing against you or your blog, I just haven’t had the time to figure out how to fix this yet.
  • I generally approve all comments within the above guidelines, with rare exception. I generally keep informed on Hellenic “community politics”, and maintain a decent troll radar, and have only really banned people who have done nothing but proved time and time again that they have no real interest in discourse, but in domination, silencing others, and shutting down any dialogue.
  • That said, feel free to argue with me, if you feel I’ve said something misinformed, busted, or otherwise in error. I prefer that people explain this with reason rather than emotion for the simple fact that speaking with facts and logic often makes one easier to understand and is far less subjective to other people’s feelings and willingness to accept. (And I base this policy on real-life experience with “activist” communities that rely too heavily on making points with emotional rhetoric than on even the most basic of social facts to drive their points home.)
  • If I said something in some other blog you didn’t like, you have two choices: Reply to me there (within the rules of that blog), or send me an e-mail. You will NOT threadcrap in this or any of my other blogs because of something I said somewhere else that has no relevancy to anything said here, within the posts or comments.
  • Seeing as this is my blog, I reserve the right to tell you when I feel something you’ve said seems misinformed, ignorant, or otherwise busted. While I may not have final say on what makes it so, if at all, not even for the issues that directly affect me (different people will have a different perspective, and they may find mine as busted as I find theirs), I do have the final say for lines of thought I will tolerate in this blog. I also reserve the right to Blacklist you from comments because you only seem interested in shutting down any and all discourse. If I say a discussion is over, it is over.
    How I Generally Tend to Comment:

  • I try to respond to all comments made here, even if just with a “Thank you”.
  • In other blogs, I tend to only comment when I feel I have something to add to the discourse. I try to be as polite and reasoned as possible, regardless of what others may think (I am rather frank and blunt at times, and this does not always come across in the best ways via text-based communiqué), but anything I say is most likely said because I asked myself three questions: Does this need to be said? Does this need to be said by me? Does this need to be said by me, now? (Thanks to Craig Ferguson.) If I can say “yes” to all three (or at least, if I can think of no reason to say “no” — as it the case about half the time), then and only then do I comment. If you think I don’t say enough in your blog comments, don’t take it personally — it just means that you already have plenty of people commenting who I agree with, and I don’t feel like simply responding to those lovely people with a simple “I agree” is what I wanted to see from me. If I can say something to expand on what I already agree with, I will, but a lot of times I simply don’t find that necessary.

If you can’t abide by the rules, then feel free to either take it to another blog or whinge about me somewhere else on the Internet — as my friend Mark once said, “If people care enough to be talking shit about you, you’re obviously doing something right,” so I’ll take it as a compliment.


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