Let’s Talk About: Rhyd Wildermuth

Rhyd has always been one of those people who I felt like, maybe I should like him more than I actually do.  He and I are far closer on the political spectrum than Galina Krasskova and myself, but in the last year or so, I have discovered problem, after problem, after problem with him.

Until a couple years ago, especially noticeable before the launch of Gods & Radicals, he wrote a lot of more mystical stuff, bardic, poetic,…  It wasn’t really my thing, for the most part, but it was inspired and original and -most importantly- interesting.  Then, whatever the hell happened, his calling got upended and he’s since been rehashing Marxism For Dummies and a Cliff’s Notes of Starhawk, and it’s been trite and boring.  If you find this “inspiring,” I highly recommend that you actually read The Communist Manifesto and Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, and pretty much any of Starhawk’s works, because they’ve both actually addressed all of the issues Rhyd’s been talking for the last couple years in a concise manner, and better-written, and they actually come closer to offering viable solutions than anything Rhyd’s said…

…but then, when someone actually tells him that he’s all theory and no solution, he just hand-waves about being a philosopher, as if that actually addresses the fairly justified critiques.  I mean, hell, can’t he just Cliff’s Notes Marx’s solutions, or Guevara’s, or Starhawk’s, and so on — or would that just make it all the more obvious that he hasn’t had an original thought in his head for the last two years?

Yeah, probably….

Then there’s his social justice problems.

Yes, he’s been regarded as “SJW” for a few years, now, but here’s the thing (aside from the fact that the term has become as meaningless as “politically correct” has been since the 1990s):  He’s about as terrible as Tumblr thinks many male film stars are, when it comes to intersectional issues.

He’s got an established record of sexism and misogyny.  I’ve been told several accounts -both first-hand and eye-witness (or at least the Internet equivalent of)- and seen many of the “receipts” of his tendencies to just outright dismiss the concerns of women so he can tell them that they should care more about how the real problem is Capitalism, as if ending Capitalism is just suddenly supposed to end sexism with Anarchist Magic — I don’t know what gender studies histories he’s read, but sexism long pre-dates Capitalism, ergo, ending Capitalism won’t end sexism, no matter what Rhyd seems to want his readers think.  (As a quick example off the top of my head:  The Cyrenaics and Cynics were regarded as fucking oddball schools of philosophy, as women were held in just as much regard as the men in those schools — and that’s just the Hellenic world.  There are countless examples of how sexism reigned long before the institution of Capitalism, and how fucking revolutionary proto-feminism has always been.)  That pretty much is just Marx verbatim, when he pulls that shit — it might make sense in print, but it betrays a gross ignorance of the history of misogyny, and since Marx was talking from a position of male privilege, it obviously didn’t occur to him that ending Capitalism won’t magically make sexism disappear.

Stemming from his misogyny is his implicit femphobia.  If you think he hasn’t committed this, I ask that you consider:

  • The fact that he has, on several occasion, gone on and on and fucking on about how he’s gone out of his way to craft a burly, especially masculine/butch physique and image.  Shit, I’ve seen him go on about his own stench with more zeal than most trans guys marvel at their own after only several months on HRT — at least with trans guys, there’s the excuse that they’re basically going through puberty again, only a biologically “male” one, this time around, and they find the difference interesting and fascinating.  With Rhyd, it’s like he’s inviting us all to read some autoerotic fetish, cos he’s older than me, and the only other guys I see go on like that as in spank-chats.  This alone isn’t necessarily damning, but he frequently takes a tone implying this is far favourable to effeminacy — this is especially clear when he goes on about the folly of “identity politics” and his rejection of a “gay” identity in the fact of his clear homosexual inclinations.
  • Oh, yeah, and he’s also made a point to remind practically everyone that he’s only interested in guys as burly and smelly as himself.  These have been public Facebook posts that, like I said, read like the text profiles of dudes looking for cybersex and hook-ups.  This is mirrored in countless “No fats, no fems” Grindr profiles and Craigslist “casual encounters” listings.  Again, in and of itself, this isn’t necessarily bad, but our preferences don’t develop in a vacuum, meaning his rejection of effeminacy and the effeminate comes from somewhere.
  • Oh, yeah, and he basically admits that “faggot,” a word that is consistently used as a slur against specifically effeminate men, and especially against gay-identified effeminate men (and remember, he rejects the idea that his homosexual inclinations necessarily make him “gay”) and we see this language of “faggot” reinforced in LGBT+ spaces, in mixed spaces, and especially in any heteronormative spaces — shit, we see this in the 1984 film Purple Rain, as Morris Day calls Prince’s The Kid character, who is as effete as Prince, himself, a “long-haired faggot,” in spite of the character being heterosexual.  This is not a word that has been used against him — but he’s going to appropriate it, anyway, cos that’s just what white cis men do, is appropriate experiences that are not theirs to reclaim.  Guess that’s what unexamined privilege does to a person.

He’s also cissplained to me on several occasions (at least one of which is in the comments on this blog), as if I’m supposed to take this seriously, because he’s the big burly manly cis Man homosexual man, and I’m just the effete trans fag (though vaguely bi-, If I’m being totally honest — like a K5) with more skirts than Eddie Izzard.  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to eventually learn, some day in the hypothetical future, that he doesn’t actually take my male gender identity seriously for the simple fact that I embrace effeminacy while “real” trans men look like Buck Angel and Jameson Green and Chaz Bono and other masculine manly MAN men, and not like Boy George or Rozz Williams or Marc Bolan — transgressing cisnormativity is fine for cis men, but trans men gotta be Manly MAN Men, y’know?  I suspect he’d go there because I’ve heard this shit from literally every butch cis homosexual I’ve encountered, and a lot of the trans ones, for sure….  Sure, this specific thought is speculative, but it sure as hell wouldn’t surprise me, if it were true.

Now let’s get more personal for a mo’….

So, I’m not going to out this person publicly (they can do that, themself, if they wish to), but Rhyd has told at least one person, knowing full well they were going through a depressive period at the time, that you know, maybe they should just kill themself, cos there really isn’t anything else he can offer as advice.  Thankfully, this person didn’t take Rhyd’s advice, but there are just some lines a decent person never crosses, and I think that’s one of them.

The same person I also trust enough when they told me that Rhyd did, in fact, go out of his way to start shit with Galina and Sannion &co (which is probably, I suspect, what drove Galina into a knee-jerk reaction toward the AltRight — to be fair, her politics have always been fairly far to the right by anyone’s standards, but she’d been considerably more tempered in expressing this, and far less willing to turn a blind eye to some things before this last year and change) to boost hits toward the then-barely-past-inaugural Gods & Radicals e-zine.  This has been corborrated by two other people who were close-enough to the situation, at the time it was happening.  See, prior that, Rhyd was practically Galina’s golden boy, and even though she didn’t agree with his politics, she thought very highly of his work and of him personally, and often cited his mystical posts on his old blog, though I think Sannion referred to Rhyd’s blog from his own, far more often.

Now, as I said the other day, I made the choice to quietly distance myself from Galina &co over political reasons.  Though there was some misunderstanding last year when I mentioned something about it on someone else’s Facebook comments, I’ve really not gone out of my way to be a jackass about it; even my post from the other day, I spent a significant portion of the piece listing everything I still admire about Galina, even though I ultimately concluded that it’s better for myself to maintain some distance.  I never went out of my way to mischaracterize her snarky comments as an “endorsement” of Neonazi groups like the AFA and Stormfront (she and I were never all that close, but I’d certainly read her blog long enough to be able to tell when she’s being snarky and when she’s being serious).  I never decided to pick fights in public and through private emails, and then proclaim it was a “crusade against me.”

That’s another thing that seems to give away, no matter how much he plays around in Europe, how pitifully American Rhyd is:  Literally even the most constructive critiques of his words and deeds suddenly becomes, in Rhyd’s own words, a “crusade against [him],” which is painting any disagreement as an outright Holy War.  He and others may snarkily call Galina &co “the Piety Posse,” but Galina has a tendency to paint these disagreements as actions of disrespect against the gods, spirits, and revered dead — not against her person.  When someone calls out Rhyd for bad behavior, it’s not just a personal attack, it’s an all-out Crusade against him!  Even if you 100% believe that Galina’s talk about how everyone is disrespecting the gods to the point of practical atheism is all “performative” and she’s just ego-tripping, fine, but she at least has the decency to frame it as a defense of something other than herself she’s concerned about (my personal opinion?  Unlike some, I’ve met Galina, and I have witnessed the clear passion she has for her religion, which has literally brought her to tears — it’s humbling to see someone that devoted, and while I don’t like how fervently she goes after every perceived slight she sees against the Gods, I don’t for a second doubt her passionate devotion being anything less than 100% sincere.)  Rhyd makes no such pretentions — he wants you to know that any criticism will be taken as literally a “crusade against him.”

Now let’s go back to my comment about how he’s playing around Europe:  I really can’t take any of his talk about “revolution” seriously after he went expat.  At least when James Baldwin and Josephine Baker took off for France, they did so to escape the outright crippling homophobia and racism that held back their vocations.  Rhyd has a stable income through several avenues, so his ability to do what he loves has not been impeded; hell, even without taking his book money and other sources into account, he’s making enough on Patreon so as to exceed my SSDI cheque, alone, before the added Social Security Survivor’s Benefits that allow me to live on my own, and this income is, as best as I can tell, just for being Rhyd Wildermuth.

…but I digress:  He’s made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he’s written off the States as a “sinking ship,” and that’s why he’s left the country — what this translates as, to me, is “I’m privileged enough to bail after I got mine, and I know the current administration is going to literally kill people, but oh well, I got bored with my old job as a social worker, where I could have at least tried.  I’d rather get paid to buy the hype about myself and climb up Druid Mountains and then make callous remarks about how the disabled just, well, have to die, cos I’m not afraid to die, and if you got paid hundreds of dollars a month to gallivant about Europe, you too can have these spiritual epiphanies and be fine!  Ah well….  Good luck, and thanks for all the fish!”

His most recent bullshit catching him hell from a steadily increasing number of people on Facebook really reminds me of every bourgie uni student who goes on a spiritual tourism of South America or parts of Asia or Africa, and then bores you to death with stories of their exploitative “spiritual awakenings” — you know, the kinds of people he likes to snark on cos of their unexamined Colonialism, and while he doesn’t really seem to express that specific characteristic in his recent rodomontades, his arrogance and pretentions are about on-par with those kids back-packing across the slums of Southeast Asia on Daddy’s dime.

Again, he and I are mostly on the same page, politically, but I just never really liked the guy, and the more I learn about him, the more justified I feel in this.  He’s like the anti-Galina, in this sense — I never really liked him all that much, even though we’re generally in agreement on politics, while I like her on a person-to-person level, but I just ran out of spoons to deal with her politics and the toxic alliances she’s formed since this falling-out with Rhyd (which, as I’ve assessed from those who were close-enough to the situation to know more, was completely of Rhyd’s design and intent to create).  In simplest terms, to call Rhyd “a real asshole” is one of the nicer things I could say about him, and generally speaking, the more I think about him, the angrier I get — makes me glad I’m not Bruce Banner, I have too many nice clothes and irreplaceable concert t-shirts.

[This post had some typos corrected and a few relatively minor revisions for clarity on 2017-06-30 @02.07]

39 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Rhyd Wildermuth

  1. My opinion on the e-zine is that it is becoming less and less about Gods and more about Radicals or anti-fascism. I read his articles and Bones’ as juvenile exercises in being angry posers. I do believe that the e-zine and perhaps him have fallen into the rut of the archetype of God’s angry man. The more articles there are, the deeper the rut becomes. It used to be interesting and challenging to read, now boring and boilerplate.

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    • Yeah, honestly, I see very little from G&R relating back to any kind of spirituality, and I see bringing Halstead into the fold as nothing more than an attention-grab to push “Piety Posse” buttons and thus increase hit count — especially when you consider that the G&R inaugural post was from Jason Thomas Pitzl, hand-selected by Rhyd, and a scathing rejection of respectability politics, especially in pagan & polytheist spaces, and Halstead has gone out of his way to defend and promote respectability politics in pagan spaces.

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  2. I stopped reading G&R within about three months of it going live, because it never really seemed to be about spirituality, polytheism, or gods. It was all just Marxism and anti-fascism spouting angry guys using a veneer of paganism and environmentalism as a cover.

    …not to mention how difficult it was to take most of it seriously after a while. Like Ruadhan said: it became boilerplate.

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    • Yeah, for the most part, that’s a fair assessment. Rhyd has recently decided to go on and on in attacking identity politics — again, there’s a lot that I can’t argue against, cos yeah, a lot of it is the same critiques I’ve leveraged against identity politics in other spaces, myself, but it’s the same thing, over and over. It’s constant repetition that, at best, suggests he’s trying different versions of the same ideas to touch different people; at worst, he thinks very little of the intelligence of his audience and assumes the same thing said in slight variants will be taken as groundbreaking new ideas on the concept.

      There are some writers who bring more spirituality into their pieces, but overall, yeah, the zine is pretty much a political mission for pagans rather than a pagan mission incorporating politics. I have no problem with this, in and of itself, but I find the execution rather sophmoric and not as sophisticated as it thinks it is.


  3. There’s nothing wrong in itself, I believe, for there to be publications that mix progressive politics with religion, there are Catholic and Liberation theology groups who do take anti-capitalism seriously, and I myself would love to see a truly radical left wing Occult & Magick publication not afraid to take the more problematic aspects of the Occult community/ies to task, and this includes the problems with Lucky Mojo (long story) and their golden boy Peter Grey.
    Rhyd Wildermuth was obviously never the right person to do that, indeed as one of my online friends has discussed with me once that most people calling themselves Marxists don’t understand Marx or Marxism, including those running THAT publication. If I want to read about Socialist or Communist theory there are better authors who don’t try to appeal to Neopagan audiences and convince them that their religion is innately progressive. G&R has always been pretty juvenile in comparison to non-religious political outlets and I blame it mostly on Wildermuth not having much of any standards for writers, and I think his choices reflect his own beliefs and standards.
    I’m sti pissed off about how it turned out, even more so than the Alt Right turn in some neopagan and polytheist circles, because it gives progressive religious types the wrong idea that this is one of the answers and that they have great excuses to shut up women, POC, LGBTQ, disabled people up under the accusation of “Identity Politics” without proving that Identity Politics (a way too much abused term these days divorced from original meaning) is even involved. Rhyd’s social circle and G&R is just a mindhive now, not a revolutionary movement-not like it was ever a revolutionary movement to begin with. There’s so much more I want to say but I am saving that for a future blog post.

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      • I wish I could be sure when it can be written and posted because of some physical problems, but I’ll be happy to work on it when the time is right about this liberal pagan dead end.

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    • I also became convinced that Rhyd has rather low standards, at best, for his G&R writers the second he brought Halstead into the fold — and this has nothing to do with Halstead’s atheism that he claims is “polytheist” and has everything to do with the fact that Halstead has an established history of sucking up to the status quo, which one would hope an anti-Capitalist publication should see as, frankly, anti-revolutionary. I don’t care if Halstead is an atheist “pagan” writing for a pagan publication — I care that he’s an anti-radical writing for a so-called radical publication!

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        • That’s fair. And, of course, Halstead is notorious-enough, especially with Galina&co’s circles to drive up hits and potential money, for himself.

          I’ve been talking enough to other people over this last couple days to become utterly convinced that’s his primary motivation in switching the focus of his writing.


          • Yeah you’re right, it’s all about hits and money instead of the integrity of G&R’s writers. Wildermuth was popular even before he made that publication, it couldn’t be that difficult for him to find better writers, but he settled for a Neo Atheist that hates theism and doesn’t respect magic much less its impact & influence on Neopagan movements (an embaressment at most to him).

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            • …and as I noted — even if we ignore Halstead’s atheism and constant expression of embarrassment of the pagan community he insists he’s a part of, Halstead has made it absolutely clear that he’s far more interested in upholding the status quo than anything revolutionary. That alone is enough to taint the integrity of G&R. There is absolutely no shortage of atheistic Chaos Magicians who not only respect the pagan community and its theists, but also uphold truly revolutionary Anarcho-communist political ideals. It shouldn’t be hard for him to bring one of those people into the G&R fold, but Halstead is an infamous shit-stirrer, which is better for web-traffic, and thus a greater potential to monetize Being Rhyd Wildermuth.

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  4. I’d say this is pretty fair assessment of Rhyd. I was a fan and supporter of his work for a while, but I got really turned off him and his crew last year. I have private emails from him (which I won’t share) these emails read like a hit list, going after PNG… it seems quite apparent that he is riding on others success to improve his own place… this is exemplified a few months ago where he started hitting the hornets’ nest by criticising the integrity of The Wild Hunt, then his next post he announces his book release… a “coincidence” by his account.
    What happens when you call out this dick behaviour? He gives you shit, calls you names and has his cronies onto you.
    So yeah. I think he is hypocrite, liar and scum. A lot of people call him a bully, but I don’t think he’s worth that title.

    One thing I will give him credit for… he has refocused a lot of old-school polytheist writers away from bullshit pagan politics and redirecting their efforts to more constructive devotional work for their gods.

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    • Yeah, I’ve noticed a growing number of people –all across the political spectrum, even! shit, I’m a Socialist, ffs– who have come forward as either never having been that impressed with him in the first place, or who are getting sick of his well-timed “witch wars.” Most have just ultimately decided to quietly disassociate from himfor, well, reasons you’ve described.

      I guess I’ve never been important-enough to go after, so far, but we’ll see.


    • As for TWH, I’ve had mixed feelings about them, as an organization, since Jason retired from there. On one hand, I get what they’re doing, in that they’re doing their best to limit bias and present facts and news items relevant to the broader pagan and polytheist communities as objectively as possible, if for no other reason, than to present as a “respectable news organization.”

      On the other, I can see what Rhyd&Co are saying in their criticisms — in the efforts of TWH to present minimum-bias, they can omit important background information on some individuals, underreport on certain events, and generally play to respectability politics, and respectability politics is a practise which Jason has been rather outspoken against. I understand Jason’s reasons for retiring, but I had more respect for TWH before he quit.

      …but then, if Rhyd was really as concerned about tearing down respectability politics –as his choice to use Jason’s essay against the practice as the inaugural G&R post would suggest, then why the fuck bring John Halstead into the fold?? Halstead has literally gone out of his way to not only defend respectability politics, but promote it in pagan spaces as well as every other area of any individual pagan’s life, I mean this in all seriousness: I lost complete respect for G&R, as a publication when Halstead was brought in — not simply because of Halstead’s staunch atheism, but for the simple fact that Halstead has made it clear that he’s far more interested in upholding the status quo than any of the “anti-capitalism” ideals Rhyd has claimed to hold G&R to. Halstead is literally the antithesis of the G&R mission statement, in every sense — but he’s a loudmouth who can drive up the hit-counter, so I guess that makes it OK?


    • “What happens when you call out this dick behaviour? He gives you shit, calls you names and has his cronies onto you.”

      I have my reasons to believe they’re willing to hex and curse people because of online conflicts, but it’s not something i’m still comfortable discussing openly in full detail right now.

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      • I support TWH for what they do. Are they perfect? No, no news organisation is perfect and undeserving of criticism. However given that they are the only one doing such and quite literally working their arses off for a very small amount, I’m thankful for them. Doing what Rhyd did, as in bitching about them reporting not so pleasant aspects of “paganism” and encouraging followers to cease following and supporting was uncalled for. Heather and the other reporters have made it clear that they have changed the goals of TWH since Jason retired.
        And really, Rhyd’s case was blatantly an attempt at bringing hits to his page to promote his book.

        Re: teamazimech, I don’t put much stock in ‘online hexing’, I have some powerful gods on my side, I’m really unimpressed by any of their understanding of gods and magic… so the concept is laughable to me.
        On online social level though, I have found myself barred from certain so-called ‘open’ pagan websites and been declined membership based purely on my criticism directed at Rhyd and co.
        Given that most of my calling out happened a year ago, and that I’ve ceased discussing this in public, (expect this post), I imagine I’m on some kind of blacklist. If that’s the case, I wish them the best for creating a boring echo chamber, especially if Halstead is in it.

        (Note: In my first comment I got my abbreviations confused, PNG is meant to be BNP: Big Name Pagans. Apologises for the confusion!)

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        • They don’t come across to me as the techno pagan cyber hexing type, more about what they do in private. However, I don’t think they’re as well read and intelligent about Magic like they think are.

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        • Oh yeah, I acknowledge that Ms Greene and the rest of TWH staff have changed the mission statement, and I’m not always going to think they’re doing the best job — but like you said, they’re literally the only real / accredited pagan news organization out there, so yeah, critique where it’s due, but boycott? What next, cut off the nose to spite the face? My feelings on TWH are mixed, but eh, it is what it is, and it’ll grow.

          And I definitely agree that he *timed that* hit on TWH for purely self-promotional purposes. It’s hard to see it as anything but, given the history he established, prior, in addition to the timeline. Context is everything.


            • (son of a bitch, my browser ate a HUGE reply here….)

              So, I think this was *mostly* on Facebook, and I’ve got work right now that I’ve got to worry about more than seeing what I can search out from posts from him and a couple others for any kind of clarification, but here’s what I remember:

              Rhyd was still technically on TWH staff, but hadn’t contributed any articles for some time. Behind-the-scenes, he was pissing off a couple people with his politics, but for the most part, everyone else was like “eh, whatever.” Then they did a piece on someone with right-wing politics, and Rhyd didn’t feel they addressed that enough, and first was picking fights with people in the private TWH staff groups, even before it was published, basically goading Ms Greene into giving him the boot.

              Then Rhyd used that article to call TWH’s integrity into question, and demanded a left-wing boycott of TWH, and maybe a week later, announced the release of the latest book with his name attached to it — which all seemed very curious, given the timing of the events. Like, if there was more time in-between these events, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume it was all some kind of coincidence, but the preciseness of the timeline just ended up making it all look carefully orchestrated. When Cara Schulz called him out on that, of course he expected all his buddies to buy that this was some kind of “crusade against him” (if you haven’t noticed, that really is his go-to phrase in response to being called out on his bad behavior, or even just constructive criticism he doesn’t want to hear), and Cara Schulz, well-known in the pagan circles familiar with her as a rather staunch Libertarian (TOTAL Gary Johnson 2016 fangirl) and former Colin Powell-variety Republican, was just out to get him and blah, blah, blah….

              I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something there, or jumbled it up somehow, so I’ll pass this along to someone else, and see what else they have to add.

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              • As a person who would love to work in the publishing and media industries, I can’t help but admire Rhyd’s strategy there, no matter how shitty it was…but good godsdamn, he sounds like an awful human being. He’s exactly like right wingers when it comes to spreading his message; half-truths, sensationalism, etc.

                Frankly, if I was just entering this community and hearing about all of this for the first time, his methods alone would discredit anything he said.

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              • Oh yeah, I can’t deny that the manner in which he used that article of someone else’s to up his hit-counter for his book was actually pretty smart — I mean, it’s not like he’d been directly involved in anything The Wild Hunt had published for a couple months, there, so his involvement in the offending piece was just as a commentator. But he exploited that timing for all he could, and it’s an insult to the intelligence of his own readers to claim it was all somehow “coincidence.” Even coincidences can be exploited by a clever opportunist.

                I can’t argue that he thrives on sensationalism, either.

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              • I have to wonder how much confidence he actually has in his own message if he relies on sensationalism as heavily as he does. To me it just demonstrates a lack of ability, talent and faith in his work and the work of those at G&R.

                …of course, I could just be hypocritical here, because to by totally honest, if I wanted some quick publicity, I’d probably do the same thing.

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              • I’m not fond of TWH and wouldn’t miss it if ends and ceases their little web presence (let’s just say I’m not happy with the sponsorship by Warlocks Inc which Christian Day owns, thus enabling him and giving him a platform), but that’s way too cynically opportunistic motivated for my tastes. By all means, raise good points about the ethical problems of that publication, but using it for self-advancement like that coupled with distortions and half-truths doesn’t do anyone any favors and makes it harder for those who aren’t in it for the fame.

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  5. Started a new comment thread as the other is getting difficult to read.
    As Ruadhan mentioned the latest bout between Rhyd and TWH was on facebook. I was a silent observer. Lots of vaugebooking and veiled threats. He was especially critical of Yeshe Matthews (TWH editor), due to her business practices (she threatened to sue him). His main issue was over reporting of Augustus Sol Invictus, a so-called pagan with rightwing affiliations that attempted to run for office. These articles were authored by Cara Schulz, who had not tolerance for the TWH bashing and explained it plain and simple that they are a News org and it’s their job to report this stuff regardless of how they personally feel about who they are reporting. Rhyd also made it out that TWH fired him, when that was not the case, he was not a fulltime member of staff, they didn’t fire him because he was not employed by them. It should also be noted that he brought up this crap almost a year AFTER it all happened, like out of the blue…

    The funny thing with the TWH is that the left claim they are too right, and the right claim they are too left… it’s really a no win situation for them.

    As for the Christian Day… yeah… I’m not keen on seeing his crap on the site either. Unfortunately that’s a result of their funding plan, Day obviously donated money to become a sponsor.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, TWH is pretty center.

      I thought that it was the ASI article, but then searched it, and it was older than I remembered the incident being, and that didn’t seem right, but yeah, you’re right. I’ll see if there are any public FB posts, during my show, but again, if anyone else can, feel free.

      If memory serves, Yeshe Matthews also didn’t threaten to sue him until he was already starting shit with her on Facebook.

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  6. Got this message from Cara Schulz, with regards to the Rhyd v TWH debacle, just before my show:

    My personal opinion is Rhyd started shit with TWH to raise his profile ahead of a book release. He wasn’t fired, but we did part ways because he was verbally abusive to other TWH writers and editors.

    Sent from Messenger

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  7. It is a fact that most of the planet’s news provision is owned by right wing moguls. Their intention is to further the cause of capitalism and retain the world’s gap between wealthy and those in need. Left Insider provides left wing articles from reputable news sites like Left Futures, Red Pepper, Novara, The Canary, Buzz Feed, Left Foot Forward etc. Everyone has the birthright to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the duty to help others achieve theirs.


    • That’s great. Literally no-one is saying otherwise.

      My only statement is that one particular activist is far less selfless than he’s making himself out to be, and far more problematic than his followers stand for from others.


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