Free Will

Free will is an illusion of Nyx’s children
Apatê and Dolos, Deceit and Trickery
And people love Them so much for this illusion
It allows them to believe that humans are above the Moirai
When not even Zeus is above the Moirai
When Eros is in cahoots with the Moirai
When Nyx is the mother of the Moirai
and They live to please Her
They weave Their tapestry of eternity
for Their beloved mother
We never had any say
We will never have any say
So go about your day
Perform the actions you believe are choices
And remember that it’s all for Her
We do this all because
the beloved daughters of Night
wish nothing more than to delight Their mother
with the beautiful pictures that Tykhe designs
and Klôthô spins threads for
which are measured by Lakhesis
and cut by Atropos
and woven by Heimarmenê
as we are guided by Psykhe
to create this picure
This ever-moving picture
that will end long before They do
for They are deathless,
and our lot is fated short,
and we don’t get to say when it ends,
we don’t get to say when we’ll eat
or drink
or fuck
or piss,
we only think we do,
because She her brood likes it best that way.


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