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Nocturnal Spirits: I remember your statement against the fox hunt that you had on andisexgang.com years ago, you mention feeling a strong connection to foxes. Could you tell us more about this?

Andi Sexgang: Yes, I always did since I was a small child, foxes and dolphins. I had a fox as a pet for a couple of years when I was a child. They are special creatures and their reputation as canniving, cunning and ruthless predators is totally unfounded. They are in fact soulful animals and like dolphins feel a connection with humans and are curious of us. They understand the human condition, unfortunately that understanding is not reciprocated and shame on us. There is a great book by Eric Ashby called ‘My Life with Foxes’ where he describes how when visitors came to his fox sanctuary that he ran in south west England, those visitors that were autistic, or Down Syndrome, the foxes would gravitate towards them and the result for those individuals spending time with foxes was to great positive effect. They became more outgoing, more responsive to other humans, where as before the specialist schools or programmes they attended had very little positive effect whatsover. It is said that dolphins also have that same effect upon disenfranchised humans. I think foxes and dolphins would make good artists.”


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