Nocturnal Spirits

Nocturnal Spirits: An Arts and Spirituality Annual for the Gothically-Inclined is an ad-free annual publication edited by Ruadhán J McElroy / DJ Rudy McSpookypants, and the first issue is scheduled for July/August of 2014.

Topics scheduled for the first issue will include:

  • Interview with Andi Sexgang
  • The Cult of Jim Morrison
  • Kemetic Symbols for Goths
  • DJ McSpookypants’ Top Ten Albums of 2013/14
  • The Goth Commandments
  • the “legendary” Rodney Anonymous interview
  • Bone Jewellery
  • Questionairres with Ex-Satanists who are now Pagans
  • Open letter to Stevie Nicks
  • …and much more!

If you wish to contribute an article or piece of art (photo, digital, or painting/drawing), please contact Ruadhán J McElroy at with the subject “Volume #1 Proposal”. If I approve of it, I will send you a (very brief!) contract about non-exclusive publication rights to your piece which you MUST return with an e-sig, or (if you’d rather) print and sign with your physical signature that you will return attached as a scanned image or as a fax (ask for fax information).

Please keep in mind the following…

What Nocturnal Spirits IS: An arts and spirituality annual for the gothically-inclined. We will welcome any submissions of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, or visual art (photography, drawings, digital art suitable for printed media) that is of potential interest to the overlap of Goths and Pagans.

What Nocturnal Spirits IS NOT: Your standard Gothic Fashion and “dark pop culture” quarterly magazine. We do not accept any and all submissions related to dark culture. Musicians interviewed and bands profiled will be featured because they are either “out” as pagans of some variety or because their work repeatedly entertains themes regarding paganism, mythology, magic, folklore, and so on. The potential for current and future “fashion features” will relate specifically to individual people with an aesthetic that brings to mind witches, fairy-tales, mythology, and so on.

What Nocturnal Spirits IS: An annual for the overlap pf Goths and pagans run by a traditional polytheist, pluralist, and non-Wiccanate minority pagan. As such, articles related to traditional polytheism and other non-Wiccanate minority religions under the “pagan umbrella” will be given a priority. There are plenty of publications where Wiccanate Neopaganism is generally right out in the spotlight with other religions given an afterthought. That’s cool and all, but that will not happen here.

What Nocturnal Spirits IS NOT: An annual about practising both “dark” and “light” magics. There are plenty of books about that, and while I, the editor-in-chief, do believe that magic exists and is real, even powerful, working magic is not a primary, or even secondary focus of my religion. While I certainly would appreciate articles about magic submitted, priority will be given to traditional, pre-Christian Era magics as practised in Europe and the Mediterranean (and elsewhere!).

What Nocturnal Spirits IS: An intellectual-minded annual publication for the overlap of Goths and pagans. I encourage footnotes, big words, and short lists of suggested reading on articles that could benefit from it.

What Nocturnal Spirits IS NOT: Either a stuffy academic journal or a fluffy “pop spirituality” rag. Spirituality is for thinking people at least as much, if not more, than it is for people who just want “so many feels”, but so far a lot of pagan publications are either so thoroughly entrenched in academia that it turns off anyone without a degree, or are so soft-handed and wishy-washy that thought seems practically discouraged.


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