Timeline of Hellenic Polytheism practised in the Common Era

Because the pagan community is generally ignorant of the history of traditions that are not their own, I’m providing this as a handy reference for other Hellenists, and anyone else who might be interested. Everything listed in the timeline is true, to the best of my knowledge, and sources will be cited to the best of my knowledge.

This timeline concerns itself with Hellenic Polytheism as practiced by people whose practices are based on those described in ancient sources and by archaeologists and classical historians; common terms for this methodology include “Hellenic reconstruction”, “traditional Hellenism”, and “Hellenismos”, though other terms exist.

300CE – Emperor Julian attempted to seriously revive worship of the Hellenic pantheon.
1300s – according to some members of YSEE, the “Stratioti tradition” practiced by many YSEE members goes back to this century.
1758 – Thomas Taylor (d.1835) born in London. He described himself as a Neoplatonist and was said to have made sacrifices to the Hellenic deities.
1880s? – Isadora Duncan (d. 1930) born. Her school of modern dance technique was based on ancient Hellenic artistic depictions of dance (and later Romantic paintings influenced by said). Though little is known of her religious views and practises (though being a Marxist, she’s commonly assumed to have been an atheist), it’s clear that she dabbled in pagan and occult trappings of the day and clearly embraced polytheist imagery by claiming that the goddess Aphrodite taught her dance on the beaches of California.
1930s — Barnard College, Greek festivals are re-enacted, complete with hymns to the gods and goddesses of Hellas.
1970s — Robert Clarke, founder of Elaion, claims to have begun ptacticing traditional Hellenismos at about tjis time.
1980s — Scroll of Oplonotis published in the United States by John Carlson (a.k.a. Poppaeus). As of Jan. 2014, this is so far the oldest such newsletter in the English speaking world.
1990s — Hellenists begin communicating on-line. The term “Hellenic reconstruction” starts showing up.
1997 — Kyrene Ariadne (screenname of Andrea ___) starts the Hellenic_Pagan e-mail list on OneList, which would later become Yahoo!Groups. During its peak in activity, the list boasted over two thousand worldwide members, and the list (and its owner) were instrumental in the formation of Hellenion, the first 501(c)3 tax-exampt religious organisation for traditional Hellenism in the US.
2000 — Drew Campbell publishes Old Stones, New Temples via Xlibris Press.


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