About the Author

Some things you might want to know about me (the small young man who writes this wonderful blog):

  • I was born and raised in metro-Detroit and currently live in the A2/Ypsi area of SEMI. If that last part makes no sense to you, then obviously you are not local to me.
  • I first discovered Hellenic polytheism at about the age of eight, when a nun at my school gave me a copy of D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths, an old school library copy that was being replaced and would have otherwise been thrown away.
  • As crazy as some of these blog posts may make me seem, my therapist feels that the “craziest” thing about me and my noggin is extreme anxiety issues, which she thinks is a direct result from being a “gifted” child who had parents that couldn’t even begin to understand how to raise such a kid. Ever see that film Little Man Tate? My parents could only dream to be as competent as Jodie Foster’s character in that one. My therapist knows about my religion and what I do and even my notebooks, and doesn’t think that this makes me crazy or delusional, especially considering my own and my family’s psychiatric history (I have a schizophrenic sister and was tested for certain related imbalances, as it can run in families; my tests concluded that I lack such imbalances).
  • Of course, my therapist has also published several papers and even a book about how TS/TG persons are within the realm of “normal” and “natural” human conditions and has had a direct hand in making the TS/TG-related articles in the DSM more-lenient in dealing with TS/TG persons and making their surgeries and hormone replacement therapies easier to obtain, so you may just think that my therapist, herself, is crazy.
  • Despite learning of Hellenic polytheism at a young age, I spent about fifteen years dissuading myself from it, under the impression that “nobody practised it, so what’s the point?” I thus dabbled in and/or flirted with Keltic/Irish Gaelig Reconstruction/Págánacht, Quakerism (possibly the only Christian sect I have total respect for, mainly because they actually pay attention to the teachings of Christ), LaVeyan Satanism, and spiritual agnosticism. I also read into liberal sects of Judaism and Islam, and my first (high school) boyfriend’s mother was the granddaughter of a Cherokee sage woman and she was also raised on a reservation and gave me some brief explanations of certain Cherokee spiritual points (including the places of Queer people in Cherokee spiritual lore) and some quick explanations on the vast cornucopia of First Nations Spirituality and Things Well-Meaning White People Almost Always Get Wrong About It. My friends include a variety of Pagans/Polytheists, Christians, Agnostics, Atheists (including Neitzcheians and Kanists and all manner of folk in-between), Hindus, Buddhists (both Theistic and No-Theistic), and Aboriginal/Native/First Nations religionists. I’m hardly an “expert” on all religions, but I also hardly lack good, reliable sources that can give me a decent “101” understanding of what certain religions are about.
  • When I essentially “returned” to Hellenic polytheism, I did so via Apollon, Who (essentially) led me to Eros. I like to think that they share my primary cultus somewhat evenly, though some times of the year more so than others.
  • My religious life/practises can be broken up into three main areas: 1) Daily devotional practise, things I do daily and in accordance with certain days of the lunar month; 2) Pantheon worship, festivals and other holidays and rituals I do in honour of various Theoi of the greater Hellenic pantheon; 3) Cult worship, this is “cult” in the sense of the Latin cultus, “to cultivate adoration”, similar to Wikipaedia’s example of “the cult of Artemis at Ephesus”. Basically, “cult”, in this sense, is a neutral term referring to the cultivated worship of specific Theoi separate from the devotional practises and “Pantheon worship” that most Hellenistai partake in.

That said, here are some…

How to contact me:
Feel free to either leave a comment on this page with your contact info (publicly visible), and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can. Or, if you’d rather, you can e-mail me at rowan-@-sexyhobbitsuperstar-.-com (omit all “-“).


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