5 Alt-Facts You’re Being Sold About the Patheos Worker Struggle

I haven’t been a fan of Patheos for some years, now. Not just because of run- ins with certain former editors, but because some cursory research into their history as a “diverse” religious blogging platform has showed me that their goals in hosting blogs outside the creators’ own fairly narrow views of Christianity is tokenising at best, and absolutely Capitalist in nature. For the longest time, their editor of the Hindu channel wasn’t Hindu, and they’ve had white non-Buddhists blogging about Buddhism for years. While the Pagan channel has been amongst the largest, and has even arguably been THE best non-Christian channel n their site since Star Foster’s days (even amongst my criticisms of. Ms Foster, I’ve always given her credit for her social networking savvy that made this possible), that doesn’t mean that the pagan channel has not been without its issues.

With the pagan boycott of Patheos, I really hope that this leads to improvements at The Wild Hunt. TWH used to be great, but with the attention given to Patheos Pagan in recent years, I’ve seen the quality at The Wild Hunt dwindle.

If not, hopefully something else will take its place.

Pat Mosley

“Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.” (George Orwell)

Alt Fact #1: Critics Are Saying Patheos Funds the NRA

First of all, you’re being told that critics are accusing Patheos itself of funding right-wing groups like the NRA, AFA, ACLJ, etc.

This is a misrepresentation of what critics like myself are writing, and I have added a clarifying point to my last post to make sure that is understood. If I intended to connect Patheos itself to those groups, I wouldn’t have spent the first half of that post establishing the connection between specific right-wing activists associated with Patheos’ related companies and those groups, and I wouldn’t have specifically stated [emphasis now added]:

“I hope that other writers of conscience will join me in refusing to create content that produces profit for the men who also direct a major source of funds…

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