“X are silly because they believe in things I don’t believe in” Part II: “But I’ll still say I’m a Pagan just because”

So, WordPress recommended this pay to me, after my last post about Halstead. It’s with a read. The writer dusky explicitly note this aspect of it, but it kind of highlights that John Halstead really has no idea what he’s talking about, with regards to pagan religion and the pagan community, like how…

* John hates paganism’s lack of structure

*John also hates that the Wiccanate structure is an assumed default in paganism

* but John loves that paganism is (in his mistaken view) an eclectic mix-and-match free-for-all with an implied lack of concrete structure

So, which is it, John Boy? Do you hate the lack of structure, hate the dominant structure, or love the lack of structure? For someone who likes to accuse people of talking out of both sides of their mouth in spite of making perfect sense, you sure have a bad habit of contradicting yourself.

Starry Heaven

Yes, besides the atheist or Christian who’ll slander paganism, we have been graced with the type of “pagan” who’ll slander paganism while masquerading as one. Is it really surprising? No, not really. First of all, it’s more or less natural for all sorts of crackpots to gravitate towards religions, especially structureless religions without a hierarchy. Secondly, it’s the current cultural climate that makes people think that they can simply mix and match religious and political ideologies until they have tailored some sort Frankensteinian patchwork of ideas exactly to their specifications. Hey, when you’re dressing up your ego, even ideologies can be made into garments. I’ll pick that apart in a further post properly. For now, let’s deal with an example that pretty much gave me the incentive for this post.

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