The delusions of grandeur of Indian nationalism

Got maybe a quarter of the way through this, so I’m mostly just passing it so I can come back, later, while also sharing, in the meantime.

Starry Heaven

I’ve been spending some time recently trying to acquaint myself a little better with Hindu sacred texts and metaphysics. Fascinating stuff really and I intend to write on some specific things in the near future. I always had a great deal of respect for the culture of India, even though to get better acquainted with it is a daunting task, unless you have some familiarity with the languages of the Indian subcontinent. The very fact that we’re talking about an area so large that gets classified as a subcontinent and a population that makes up almost one fifth of the global total gives a picture on how extensive and labyrinthine the culture can be.

I also had personal reasons to have an appreciation for India, even though I wasn’t extensively familiar with the culture. I appreciated their dedication to their traditions and culture and how they withstood christianization attempts for…

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