Advertising robs us of our culture

A long time coming:

Makeup was documented in ancient Egypt. We see examples of this on many artifacts from the time, with both men and women wearing copious amounts of makeup, with particular attention paid to expressive eyeliner. According to, people in ancient Egypt, a civilization that’s known to have started around 3,000 B.C., thought wearing makeup gave them protection from the gods Horus and Ra. Kohl eyeliner, which they made from grinding minerals like malachite and galena, served as much of a practical purpose as a spiritual one — some believed it warded of flies, infection and the harsh rays of the sun. Turns out, they weren’t exactly wrong about that, with research proving that their eyeliner mixture actually had the ability to prevent eye infections

One of the men who was most famously a fan of this exaggerated eyeliner look was King Tutankhamen, who was regularly depicted wearing the black or greeneyeliner, especially before large dinners and gatherings as a sign of power.

Makeup isn't suddenly genderless. It always has been.

A bust of young King Tut, found in his tomb, (L) and a painting depicting Tut (R)
Source: Wikimedia

And if you consider nail polish to be makeup like we do, then men have actually been wearing it since 3,200 B.C., with men wearing nail polish to signify class in Babylonia during this time. Men in China and and Egypt also continued this practice as well, using colors to signify a kind of social hierarchy. Beyond Egypt, men in ancient Rome were also known to dabble in makeup, often using powder and rouge and nail polish to add a bit of flair. 


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