Working On Beyond

Needless to say, this makes me question the abilities of certain astrologers and diviners.  That, and a lot of pagans just got cocky.

I’m disappointed, pagans.  So many of you said you called it for Hillary Clinton, so many of you said you were cursing The Screaming Carrot Demon, but what happened?

Well, technically, you weren’t wrong.  The latest count of the popular vote, she won the popular vote by a greater margin than almost every popular vote win for POTUS going back to at least Kennedy (only exception? Barack Obama).  This just highlighted everything that is wrong with the electoral college system.  Even the few pagans I know who called it for Fuckface Von Clownstick (many very begrudgingly), assumed it was to be the will of the people being swayed by his Fascism, rather than a corrupt electoral system that was designed in the earliest days of the States to benefite slave-holders.

I’m scared, kids.  We’re all at risk, now.  I can’t help but be distrustful of ask the magic workers who claimed to be working together to keep the literally least-qualified person ever to run for it out of the White House, cos either you couldn’t do it, or you all just got too cocky and didn’t give it your best.


2 thoughts on “Working On Beyond

  1. A couple months ago, Jason Miller did a card reading and called it, unhappily, for Trump. As for all the cursing, I dunno. I am still bewildered by the number of people who weren’t frothing mad racists and xenophobes, or broke-ass working poor white people, who somehow thought “Killary” would be a greater evil than a man who pretty epitomises the worst of our culture.

    (And by the way, I’m glad you’re at WordPress now–makes it easier for me to keep up with this blog and respond.)

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    • It would have been nice to see those calling the election for the Screaming Carrot Demon given platform on TWH, but I guess they’d rather have an echo chamber.

      I really liked having my own site, but I can’t really afford it, anymore, at least not until my store picks up some more.


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