If you’ve been following me on Instagram or FB, you’d know I’ve recently justified a few tattoos.  These were generally justified on a spiritual level, and cos apparently I’m still in good with the people at Name Brand Tattoo in Ann Arbor, MI, I’ve been able to justify these tatts, financially.


I’ve seriously been just barely coping with the news about David Bowie.  I’ve been faking it with telling myself it was all some elaborate Internet hoax.  I barely left my apartment in January, and the data logged on the activity tracker on my phone proves it.

Part of what helped me actually doo things in February, was getting this very early in the month (getting the back-due from my mother’s survivor benefits helped, too, but I also could have easily bought a vacuum and some furniture I got online).  I budgeted for this before I even knew that I was getting any back-due.




Some of you met me at the Polytheist Leadership Comference, and might’ve noticed a fading bright blue “1334” across my knuckles, very poorly done with a quill pen when I was living in a SRO outside Gary, IN — because that’s how much I had to do.  I’d wanted to get it re-done for years, just to make it actually look good.

Rozz Williams was the first deceased human I ever erected a shrine to, because of how much his work had meant to me.  This was his number, and he was often very mysterious about it.



I know this is traditionally a Kemetic symbol, and I respect that, but it’s also been popular amongst the bohemian set since the 1920s, and goths since the 1980s.  As I see Eros as both the god of Life and as Eros Thanatos, this was important to me to have.


My guy at Name Brand, Nick, is also willing to work with my budget on the luna moth tattoo I’ve been wanting to get for a couple years, now, getting it done in a series of sessions over a few months.  The first session is in April.  This will be my Nyx-Moirai-Eros tattoo.

Also:  Yes, getting tattooed on the hands hurts like hell.  Seriously, Unless you’ve got a monster pain tolerance or already are considered “heavily tattooed” by your artist, I’d advise against, for the simple fact that there’s less fat and muscles padding the bon on the top of the hand than on the palms.  Most reputable tattooists won’t even entertain the “job killer” placements –hands, neck, face– on people who aren’t already heavily tatted.  It’s a placement that even I believe must be earned, and I just stumbled into it, because once upon a time, I was bored and 23, and I wanted to get it re-done to good enough to actually reflect the importance of Rozz Williams’ music in my life.  This is not something I’ve taken lightly.  It’s something that I’m proceding with from a point of respect and understanding, especially with an understanding of the fact that I came to this rite, as a modified body, through my own damaging experiences, rather than the traditional manner of of already being extensively modded..


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