that might explain a bit

So, for those of you who have not been keeping up on Facebook with me, it seems I’m not allowed to have an easy move, EVER.

About for and and a half years ago, my friend Scott and I had one of the most stressful moves, ever, and last year’s relocation back backup the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area was an improvement, but still not good, by any stretch of the imagination.

This move, I had had to skip out on the rent to even be able the afford it, but that was something I knew I’d have to do when the roommate who sucks sniped sniped the lease out from under me. Etsy closed my shop over complete nonsense, but still, I was planning on moving shop, anyway, cos Etsy fees were eating about about a third of my profits every month — I would have liked liked to put off moving shop until after relocation of my residence, but of well.

Tuesday, though, the power got shut off cos of the roommate who sucks. This means, being being a basement unit (at least the part where my room is), I have to use the majority of my daylight hours hours to pack, and I have to shower by candlelight. I also have to use tge hotplate that that I use for coffee reading to cook in tge laundry room.

It also means that I have no wifi and i have to print any orders received from my artfire shop at the library, which is thankfully just up the street.

Oh, and the tenant who was supposed to be out of my new place today has complicated my ability ability to move my Comcast service.

The only upside upside to this calvacade of nonsense is tgat I seem to have gotten gotten a $33 raise in my food stamps, but even discovering that was stressful, because there’s apparently something wrong with the automated service phone line that gives you your balance, so when when I called it on Wednesday, I thought that I had been cut off, COMPLETELY.

So, I went out onto the porch for fora cigarette and some fresh air, and to mooch some wifi to post this, and out of curiosity, I loaded my Star Chart astronomy app, from my phone, and I discovered that the dwarf planet Eris, which is in tge Kuiper belt and apparently parallel to Eros from the asteroid belt, is right overhead.

This is a challenge of Hers, clearly, of tge sort that Hesiod referred to.


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