It’s housing season!

First off, I know I’m not obligated to update my readers with every new thing that happens. Especially as I’m at a point in the development of Erotic Hedonism where I’m seriously going through a lot of learning and less talking about what I’m learning.

…plus, I’m working on a personal bargain I’ve made with Eros, Nyx/Aphrodite Melainis, and a Titaness’ Daughter, which I’ve been told will work to my favour within a year, but it’s very personal, and I can’t say anything about t here until it’s gone through, and even then, the less said, the better (but I’m sure some of you who actually talk to me can figure out enough on your own that you probably don’t need me to say anything, really).

Basically, I’d say more of my spiritual developments if there was anything I *could* say. The stuff I’m surrently at liberty to share?

  • my soul is VERY old. In fact, it’s a generally accepted fact that there are currently more living people on Earth, now, than there have been in most (if not all) Centuries before the 20th combined. The Newage “indigo children are precious very super-rare New Souls” bullshit is bullshit on that premise, alone. (Plus, I have it on good authority from one in the know that the whole Newage interpretation of “indigo children” is a warping of something written by a woman with synesthesia, and originally had nothing to do with one’s aura/soul/etc…) I’ve been told there are very few souls left as old as mine. I’m not at all surprised by this, since I’ve been told since I was a chid, by people who have even the vaguest mystical bends, that I strike them as having “a very old soul”. Granted, once people find out I’m now in my thirties, I’ve been getting that a bit less, but I’ll chalk that up to ageism. In short, reincarnation exists. If you choose the path of Erotic Hedonism when I’m at a point to teach in 2024, this is not something that can be budged on; you have quite possibly lived a life before this one, and we have to go through this cycle, again and again, until we stop fucking up — what that is, is different for everyone, but is directly tied to forging a path of one’s pleasures and passions.
  • I cannot cut my hair that grows from my scalp. I’m allowed to get the dead ends trimmed around the Boeotian New Year, but that’s it. This is not necessarily related to Erotic Hedonism. This is a personal directive I’ve taken from Eros. I’ still not entirely sure why, but I have my suspicions. I also haven’t asked, but eh, I will when I feel like it.
  • My gender has not been wholly “male” since I was about 30. It’s obviously taken me some years to pull my thumb out of my arse, but oh well. For about the first thirty years of my life, at least the years of that I could articulate gender to myself and others, I had a male gender. An effeminate male gender, but that changed a few years ago. I have, this last few years, been androgynos; literally man-woman, or simultaneously both and in-between. Or as much of both as I can be from a male starting point. Pronouns are still “he, him, his” (but if I don’t feel like correcting people, I won’t; and there are certainly situations or people where other pronouns feel more appropriate), and I’m still on my FTM HRT with no intention of ending it, but at some point, I gotta get the facial and body hair stripped (if only for my own sanity).
  • oh yeah, and remember my second kitty? She’s doing well. (Including this as a spiritual update, because a friend who donated the adoption fee said they had a spiritual push to do something good for an animal with their extra money that week. I now have two cats that spirits threw at me).

But now for a BIG IMPORTANT:

I’m in a real time crunch to get the security deposit to sign my lease on the new apartment.

Why do i need a new apartment? Long story short, the roommate who sucks sniped this place out from under me, and the rest of us are getting kicked out in late August. I’ve already found a new place, with new roommate(s) (one intends to be temporary, which is fine). The new place is two blocks from this one, and actually even closer to the Ypsilanti bus station than this place. It’s smaller, but it’s got hell of character, and I really like it. And the property and building(s) it’s in is 19th Century. Seriously, there’s the main house, and I’m in the “carriage house”, where you’d park your fucking horse and carriage. It’s clearly older than a car garage. I’ll be in the carriage house with my friend Jay, but one catch:

We NEED the security deposit by FRIDAY, THE 15TH!

I know that this is not a lot of time, but between my cats and my Etsy business, I literally cannot afford to be homeless/couch surfing. If I have to put my shop on “vacation mode” for more than a few days, I’m at this point pretty much guaranteed to have only about 65% of the money I need to get through a month. That is how important it is for me to stay securely housed and keep my shop open.

Unfortunately, my roommate-to-be is not currently in the most stable situation, but he has a mostly-functional care, and a few decent job prospects this summer. He’s also a DJ and freelance photographer I’ve worked with before, BUT unless you’re DJing a goth club in, like, Los Angeles or at WGT or something, you’re not making much money; you’re barely keeping yourself in cigarettes or gum.

So I’ve started a GoFundMe to raise the necessary money for the security deposit and cover the GFM fees. PLEASE, donate whatever it is that you can, or at least spread the link!

And special for this blog, to get myself back in a blogging habit, if you are able to donate $5 or more, I will write a 1000+ word article on a topic of your choosing *or* another 28 lines of Brother Love and Sister Strife.

Let’s make this happen!



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