need > want

I’ve never asked of my Theoi anything i didn’t absolutely need
I have asked of You, Dearest, practically nothing other than to love me back
let me have this.
I don’t want, I need.
You know how I’m hurting, right now.

I have never prayed so hard for anything in my life. Not even when my livlihood has been on the line — hedonist priorities, what else can I say?

sensual feeds ascetic

let me have this and keep it, and as all will see, I will do whatever you ask, without question. You know I’ve been on the fence about teaching Hedonism by 2025, in spite of my announcements, but you’ll hear no quarrel — just let me have this that I ask for, let me keep this that I ask for.

sensual feeds ascetic

You know that you can’t hold me to this and expect to be all I need in certain regards.


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