Though I am not in any position yet to teach it. …

Though I am not yet in any position to teach others, not for almost ten years still, I have been compelled by my Teachers, to spell out a few points on Erotic Hedonism, lest some skim a Wikipedia article on the Cyrenaic school and assume I am learning things that I am not, or not learning things that I am:

* Though Erotic Hedonism may be described as Neo-Cyreniaic, as that is our starting point, it differs in some key ways:

1. Though academia seems to overwhelmingly claim that the Hedonist schools of Hellas and her colonies were borderline or outright atheist, there can simply be no question that Erotic Hedonism holds that the reality, plurality, and autonomy of the Theoi is not only self – evident (and that the ancient Hedonists belief in Them is also self – evident), but that the Theoi are to be actively worshipped and praised for all of life’s pleasures. The Theoi are real, multiple Divine beings that Erotic Hedonists actively worship.

2. Though the Cyrenaic school is certainly our starting point, Erotic Hedonism also incorporates the wisdom of the Cynics, the Atomists, and the Pluralists, as well as those of the modern eras, including Oscar Wilde, Derek Jarman, Beau Brummel, Lydia Lunch, and others Who will become known.

* Though Erotic Hedonism places no limits on the gods one may worship, within the Erotic Hedonist tradition, the deities held in highest esteem are, in no particular order: Eros, Nyx, Hedone, Psykhe, the Moirai, the Khairetes, the Moisa, Apollon.

* A Devotional path is not mandatory for the Erotic Hedocist, except for those who are teaching others Erotic Hedonism. Of course, not all Erotic Hedonists living a Devotional path are necessarily compelled to teach.

That is all, for now.


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