What are you doing, flower?

In bed. Almost. Nigel won’t let me get under the blankets.

That’s not what i meant, luv. You’re thinking of going back there.

Maybe. It was free food. It was good food. They were a little love – bomby, sure, bug they might buy buttons. It’s food and work. It’s like they’re paying me to sit on the floor and listen and eat.

It’s not for you.

But the woman was nice. They all were, but i liked her.

Your spine will hurt again if you chant.

I thought tgat was —

That was Mother. You need to get more paint for Her mannequin, by the way.

I know. But money?

The gods will provide, you know that, but first youhave to do your part.

Why don’t you want me to go back, tthough?

You belong to Me and Mine, not to Krishna.

I know that. I’ve known that since we first met.

Don’t let him take you. You belong to me.

I’d never.

Mother will crimp your spine, again.

I know.

Go, if you feel like it’s best, but be careful. I won’t share you.

Like Morrissey?

That asexual dag has nothing on me.


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