And now for a friend of mine:

My friend Wendy has been struggling with a lot this last few years, buut has recently secured a job just as literally all of her worldly, absolutely irreplacable possessions (including family photos, mementos from her father who passed 30+ years ago, and so on) are at risk of being lost to her, forever, unless she can raise the necessary $418 to pay her storage unit fees that had fallen behind while she was out of work.

The minimum donation is $5 on GiveForward (the service she chose to use), but she gave permission to me to link to her FB profile, if you want to ask if she can take via PayPal.

I’ve posted here for a couple reasons, in addition to her being a dear and very sweet person: She’s a Thelemite, and she’s offering astrology charts to people who donate and would like one, as she’s recently acquired access to software that she likes for it. If that’s “pagan enough” for you, and you have the $5 to spare, you just might be able to pick up a custom astrology chart! (Message her via FaceBook for details; if you don’t have FB, I can ask and see if she’d be OK with e-mails).

[ETA] With regards to Wendy’s offer of star sharts for people who donate, i thought I’d share this little story about her history with astrology that she’s pretty open about:

In the early 1990s, a friend of hers very close to her died tragically, which somehow piqued her curiosity in astrology. Her curiosity was piqued, initially, in an effort to debunk it and confirm her then non-belief in it. But as it happened, the more she learned, the more she learned that she couldn’t debunk it, and, more often than not, it was right. It’s since become a passion of hers that she’s only occasionally taken money for. If that impresses you, feel free to contact her and ask more about it; at the very least, her story should be worth $5! 🙂 [/ETA]

It’s a very short time she has to raise the money, but between here and a plug I hope to do on the radio tomorrow night, I really hope we can to it!

Also: Because I don’t yet have the $5 to spare (I guess I *technically* do, but it’s one of those things where I’d like to wait a couple days, because my bank says I have about $40 more than I should, and that’s making me think that I have an outstanding cheque that I forgot about, and I can’t afford to have that bite me in the ass), between now and the 31st, for every button in my shop with a “goth” or “gothic” tag that I sell, I will donate an additional 50¢, on top of the $5 I’ve already mentally put aside to donate on Tuesday (after my next Etsy deposit goes through), toward Wendy’s fundraiser!

Please share this post as much as you can! Even just spreading the link to people who can help will go an amazing way toward helping a very sweet woman who just doesn’t want to lose a few things she has.


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