They know not what they do….

There’s a situation that’s being discussed on FaceBook that absolutely flabbergasts me.

Of course, the most confusing point of all is finding myself in the unusual position of actually being more in-the-know on this matter than about half the people commenting.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I’m at liberty to say *right now*, but I assure you, it’s relevant here.

In happier news, I’m now officially on the schedule for WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor, MI. This is still a volunteer position, so I’m going to be pitching my Patreon like woah, but if you have any suggestions for musicians I can get promotional copies of music from, let me know! I want to put a focus on Gothic rock, Australian Swamp, and pagan darkwave.

As an aside, my cat has a wishlist. Go get him some prezzies!


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