Happy New Year

Today at sundown is the Boeotian New year. Now, I haven’t done the maths, but I imagine it will be some time before it’s this close to the solstice, again. If I’m lucky, I may see it on the solstice in my lifetime.

Hang your evergreen, give practical (or at least necessary) hand-made things to your loved ones, and feast.

In case you all were curious, my cat has gotten more gifts than i have, this year.

My own plans? Well, I’m going to go to the Pagans In Ann Arbor meet-up at Crazy Wisdom, and then come home and have dinner with my cat and write up a budget for my mannequin project, maybe see if I currently have any paints that would work to start with, and make some basic Hellenic and Boeotian alphabet divination tiles.


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