Response to an email via the Contact page

Name: Becky
Email: b*******
Comment: Can you imagine being in a small cage, isolated your entire life? You have got to go beyond murder. If I am ever caged like livestock, euthanise me. Spinach has a better quality life.
Subject: You suck

Can you imagine being ripped from the very thing that has fed you and sustained your very life? Can you imagine being mutilated, having everything that wasn’t 100% necessary for sustaining your life ripped and cut from your body, and feeling it happen over and over again, for the duration of your life, which may be hundreds of years? Can you imagine making screams that all other living things have insisted for millennia don’t even exist because it’s at a frequency only you and your own kind can hear? Can you imagine actually BEING A LIVING THING, but not even afforded the dignity of being regarded as LIVEstock?

I’m guessing that you can’t, but such is the fate of the spinach you claim lives this “better” life. To me, that sounds rather nightmarish, but in spite of the mounting studies confirming the sentience of plant life, we very seldom hear people pondering the life of the carrot or the lettuce or the herb.

I’m guessing that you’re responding to this post, and making an appeal to my sense of compassion for the living, but the thing is, I have been vegetarian at points of my life, and my own soy allergy aside (making even a full-time vegetarian diet prohibitively expensive on my budget, much less a vegan one), and it no longer holds compatible with my sense of compassion.

Even plant sentience aside, the evidence continues to mount that a veg*n diet is not a sustainable, compassionate option for everyone. The fuel necessary to keep the population of every major city fed on a veg*n diet, even if that was the only people who went vegetarian or vegan, would be detrimental to the environment, and not to mention the constant need for farming and harvesting living plants to feed those people all year round would radically change the temperate through tropic climates and their landscapes. As it stands, the necessary daily protein for an adult human of any sex is contained in 2oz of beef –but in a whopping 6oz by volume of dried beans or 10oz of brown rice. Meat bay be too expensive to eat every day, but the volume of protein per ounce renders meat the most nutritionally-economic choice for it and other nutrients; the amount of veg*n protein options to feed the current populations of even only major cities *would*, indeed, radically change the landscape of too many places to be truly compassionate.

You’ve made a choice to go veg*n, cos that’s what works for you at this time. That’s great. But it simply can’t work for everyone; at least not until the VHEMT movement takes off at a wide scale, but you’d figure that if we can, indeed, return to a pre-historic human population, not only will the factory farming argument become irrelevant (no need for it with such a small population), so will many veg*n arguments against the consumption of animals for “compassionate” reasons.


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