Things that The Wild Hunt taught me about #blacklivesmatter

On the off-chance that you had not yet seen this post on The Wild Hunt, go right now!

0: the Wild Hunt did not need to teach me this, but I just wanted to preface this with a fan-boy moment and point out that, in addition to being possibly the most prominent African American pagan voice, ever, Crystal Blanton is possibly in my Top Ten of Most Eloquent Pagan Bloggers.

1: when prompted, more pagans and polytheists than I really expected will be willing to speak out against racism. True, a few of the posts linked in The Wild Hunt’s post preceeded Ms Blanton’s impassioned plea for some solidarity, but most seem to be a response to her original FB post. The important thing, though, is that these people spoke up. I would have, myself, as I certainly feel that, as the only blogger I’m aware of holding up Boeotian polytheism, I am at a greater obligation to do so than most other individuals, but this really hasn’t been a great time for me, this last fortnight, for a lot of reasons, so I’ve put it off until I get a better headspace for it. Still, I’m kind of impressed by the number of people who’ve posted about this.

2: It’s still pretty aggravating that there are pagans who would rather derail and / or deny that racism actually affects the world we live in. As I’ve said before (to The Wild Hunt, even), I’m jund of numb from disappointment in the pagan community, at this point, but after all that support for people of colour in the post, all the dozens of links to people making their support very clear, it was almost ironic to see people saying outright, verbatim, “racism doesn’t hurt people“, and not once, but twice. And in all seriousness, what the fuck is this shit?

Well, I really don’t have anything else to add to this. It’s kind of depressing to think too much about, and I’ve been having an absolutely terrible time this last few weeks, so I’ve been trying not to think too much about heavy topics, lest I do something I regret or worse.


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