Statuary for Sale!

Need a last-minute Solstice gift? Just looking to spruce up your shrines? I’m selling a couple statues, cos I don’t exactly need them, at this point, but if you do, here they are:

Pic 004
Dionysos – $40
This one was made in and shipped from Greece. I have no idea how He got stained with wine, but I think it’s kind of appropriate. I’m also pretty sure that it’s made from powdered alabaster, not resin, and I don’t want to risk eroding it by trying to scrub the stains out, so I’m shipping as-is. The $40 includes the $17-ish to post it out by an appropriately-sized Priority Flat Rate box, but if you want to send more, by all means, feel free.

Pic 002
Hermes – $50
This was a mass-produced Hermes that I bought from a US seller on eBay. It’s resin, hand-painted by myself with watercolours mixed thickly; a couple small areas seem to have rubbed off a little, and you can probably soak the paint off, if you’d rather, but i think if you want it blank, it’ll be cheaper and easier to look for one on eBay. Again, the price includes the $17-ish to post it out in an appropriately-sized Priority Flat Rate box.

Pic 001
soft plastic bunches of grapes – $8/ea

The two plastic grape bunches can go together or separately; price includes shipping in an appropriately-sized Priority Flat Rate box. The bunch on the Left were from Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, and I think the one on the right was from Jo-Ann. They were stored for a couple weeks in a plastic shopping bag with some frankinsence resin, the box of resin broke, and somehow (I think it got wet or maybe uit was the middle of summer and it just kind of melted?), the resin kind of stuck to some of the grapes on each bunch, and I’ve been unable to clean it on, try as i have. If you want either of these with the Dionysos, let me know and I can suggest a price for combined shipping.

If you want anything, just leave a comment, and after I confirm with you, just PayPal the money within 24hrs.


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