Boeotian Alphabet Divination system

This is a variant of the Hellenic Alphabet Divination system seen here; I’ve created this variant myself using verses from Hesiod and Pindar.

Because the Boeotian alphabet lacks Eta, Xi, Psi, and Omega, but instead uses Digamma, Heta, and Qoppa, resulting in a twenty-three letter alphabet, which is harder to divide Sculpey by (which is kind of important when I’m doing marbled tiles, cos it’s not like I can easily use the extra 1/24th segment I’ve cut in another project), I’ve also added the Thespian raised Epsilon.

Alpha: But Prometheus, noble son of Iapetos, stole fire for Man’s sake from Zeus.
Beta: O Perses, follow right: control your pride. For pride is evil in a common man.
Gamma: He dealt death in battle to ravening lions and boars were his prey.
Delta: She shall give her at once, that she may dwell beside her, a portion of land to yield her fruit of all that grows, and wild beasts shall be found there.
Epsilon: Dear soul of mine, for immortal days trouble not: the help that is to be had drain to the last.
Digamma: After him appears to men Pandion’s high-voiced, mournful child, the swallow, when the spring has just begun.
Zeta: It is right that Orion should travel not far from the Doves of the mountain.
Heta: For without the Holy Khairetes not even the Gods rule dances or feasts.
Theta: These days are blessings to the men on Earth; the rest are fickle, bland, and bring no luck.
Iota: The eye of Zeus sees all, and understands, and when He wishes, marks and does not miss how just a city is, inside.
Kappa: Vile old age never appeared, but always lively-limbed, far from all ills, they feasted happily.
Lambda: Great deeds give choice of many tales.
Mu: Observe the days which come from Zeus; instruct your slaves to honour them appropriately.
Nu: Fearless Telamon gave to him a bowl, shivering with gold, full of wine.
Omicron: He who has suffered gains foresight with his mnd.
Pi: Truly what is kept in silence brings even larger delight.
Qoppa: Particularly good is one who lives nearby, but look around you carefully, lest all the neighbours chuckle at your choice.
Rho: He stood dumbfounded in wonder hard to endure but delightful.
Sigma: Truly wealth patterned with prowess brings the moment for this or for that, if it rouses deep ambition to range afar, a transcendent star, the truest light for a man.
Tau: Come, shape words into a sweet melody.
Upsilon When summer still is waxing, tell your slaves: ‘Summer is not for ever; now, build barns.’
Phi: Fifth days are harsh and frightening; take care.
Chi: The beggar’s envy is a beggar, the singer’s a singer.
Thespiae raised Epsilon: They are renowned on strings and the loud cries of flutes in every key for uncounted time.

I’ve created a set of tiles for my own use, and will be soon making a set for sale up at the Nocturnal Spirits shop. I was going to make a print-out of the verses for each letter to include with that set.

If you need your own set of Hellenic alphabet divination tiles (either the standard set, archaic or modern style, or Boeotian alphabet, feel free to recommend colours to me for the set you’d like.

Also, a friendly reminder that I’m trying to raise income through Patreon so that I can afford to pursue my art, music, and divination full-time. If you’ve not been watching on Facebook, long story short is that my food assistance somehow got reduced to the minimum payment of only $16/month —this is not enough to live on, and I really can’t afford to feed myself on cash only, right now (I have a cat, and most of my medications are herbals that I can’t get a prescription for, so pretty much all of what I make on Etsy right now is going to other things). If you were thinking of buying buttons or a painting or donating through Patreon, now is a really important time to do so, since I have absolutely no idea when this shit is going to get fixed.


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