one of these days, my extroverted nature will get the best of me

Can someone please explain to me how I managed to get roped into the Ann Arbor Pagan Pride Day event for next year? I barely identify as “pagan”, and generally only in contexts where I don’t have the time (or just don’t want) to explain to people what the word “polytheist” means (and whether I like it or not, the common use outside the Pagan Community tends to include what I do as “pagan”), even though you’d think it’s one of those words that defines itself to anyone who speaks English well enough.

At least one of the ladies behind the Pagans In Ann Arbor meet-up is on the local PPD committee, and like I said, the group itself is probably the best loose collection of local pagans I’ve met.

I just pray that this doesn’t end up the headache previous PPD events I’ve been to have been.

Ah well, time to go to the radio station.


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