And now for something completely frivolous….

Just in case you don’t read my Tumblr or watch me on FaceBook:


It’s not too terribly important, but contrary to a disturbingly common belief, not everyone can “just save up for years” for anything, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve wanted one of these for seven years now, and have been unable to save, cos shit comes up that becomes a higher priority. Between a generous donation from a reader after that nonsense with the electric bill and one of the roommates, and a nice deposit from Etsy that should finalise tomorrow, Nigel’s vet appointment *will* get taken care of with no apparent need to reschedule (assuming nothing else wacky happens, so cross your fingers), so this is just something that I’d like to have, but have no immediate *need* to have. I currently have six suitable winter sweaters, two full sets of thermals, and a big fishtail parka –when I say I “don’t have the sweaters needed for a Michigan winter”, what I mean is that my supply of suitable winter clothing is pretty slim, and I’m sure most people are too polite to say anything about the fact that I rotate things pretty tightly.

So if you think I’ve had a good year here, and can’t do even a dollar a month for the next year via Patreon (or just don’t want to at this time), think about tossing a few toward the Morrissey sweater. If I can’t raise enough to justify paying the difference myself, I will totally split what is raised between an animal shelter and my own cat (or something equally responsible-adult-like, like maybe a less-expensive sweater), and if I go over, I’ll use the difference in the same way –half to an animal shelter, half to my cat (or something else equally responsible-adult-like).

This has nothing to do with my gods (at least not that I’m aware of), I just want something nice for myself, and I’ve been formally bonded to Her Father for five years, now, after He laid His claim on me decades before, I get the impression that Hedone thinks I deserve something nice that I can’t afford and that I don’t have to rack up more credit card payments over (it’s bad enough that sometimes I have to use that thing for shit I really need).

If you can appreciate that level of honesty, and have a couple dollars to spare, why not, right? This is going to be my only post about this here, since it’s largely irrelevant to the topic of this blog, and unlike my moving expenses, it’s not something I NEED to have, it’s just something I want, something I’ve wanted/threatened to get for years, but turns out is actually really expensive in American money and thus I’ve been unable to reasonably save up for cos shit like bills and vet expenses and emergencies happen, and I’m living on the equivalent of a US minimum wage at 28hrs a week (that’s disability AND Etsy AND foodstamps COMBINED).

Of course, if you’d rather get something in exchange for this, you could always buy a painting or some Hellenic alphabet tiles. Word on the street is that Edward Butler, well, he thinks you should.


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