Boeotian Alphabet tiles?

So, I’m halfway done with the new set I just got some clay for, and I think I’m going to post two sets when I’m done –not cos I made two sets, tonight, but cos it’s been almost a week and I think I’ll part with the original set I’ve made and have been using for a few years, and use the burnt set for a while. Main reason is cos I’m really broke this month, have already *had to* dip into the money I wanted to set aside for my cat’s vet visit later this month, and am already trying to juggle things around a bit so I have to dip as little out of my savings as possible (this is money I’m hoping I can put toward having my name legally changed in March, when I’m eligible to do so in Washtenaw County, Michigan).

I will warn, though, on most of the “older” set of new tiles I’m posting this week, I’ve used archaic forms of the letters (there were a few where I did not), and in writing up a little card-thing to make it easier for anyone less familiar, I decided to look up ancient formS, yes, plural, of the Hellenic alphabet, and holy hells, there’s nearly two dozen surviving alphabets; seriously, if all the Hellenic tribes couldn’t have the same alphabet, what makes some people think that they had universal culture and practises? Or that even a pan-Hellenic practise can work for all Hellenists, today?

So, I’m thinking I’m going to start creating a Boeotian variant of the Greek Alphabet Oracle with the Boeotian alphabet and tiles; maybe make them a specialty thing for $12-$15 versus $10 (the standard set I just sold), for the extra work put in for re-associating letters. If anyone wants to make requests for *tiles* for other archaic alphabets, let me know, I’ll see what I can do.

Also feel free to put in requests or suggestions for colours! I’m working on two-colour marbelling, so feel free to suggest up to two colours for the clay, and a contrasting colour for the paint (the acrylic paints I currently have are metallic purple, black, and blue; I’ll see if I have others, I thought I did, but they might be in another place for now); if you don’t want to do colour requests, I’m probably going to default to a lot of purples, blues, and greens, black, silver, etc…. It’s what I like, you can’t fault me for sticking with what I dig.

Alright, off to go bake some Sculpey and find my watercolour paper (I have a surprise hatching). This weekend the Dionysos oil painting goes up for sale, and I’m *really* hoping that one of these sells before the 23rd of this month, or I’m going to have to dip a *lot* more from my savings than i want to cos my Ni-Ni can be safe from distemper for another year. (And so I can get more button parts. I am in desperate need of button parts after I press this week’s batch.)

Almost forgot, if the Hellenic alphabet tiles and the New Boeotian Calender don’t interest you and my paintings are too expensive, but buttons for your jacket or messenger bag do, please see what I have here.

If that doesn’t interest you, but supporting who I hope is one of your favourite bloggers does, you can donate to my Patreon, as little as $1/month! Yeah, fat boy’s got goals, but every little bit helps.

ETA: Alright, I just went to go pay this month’s electric bill, and guess what? One of the roommates did not pay at all last month, and another one only paid $5 of what was due $18.50 EACH, so I just paid WAY more than I needed to in order to keep the lights on, or it was going to get a shut-off TODAY. On other words, I REALLY need to sell a painting, or I have to drain my savings to take my cat to the vet. I’m willing to come down $10 on each, if that would sweeten the deal for anyone. Please. I’m desperate at this point.

ETA: Just posted the latest tiles! Go see!


8 thoughts on “Boeotian Alphabet tiles?

  1. A Boeotian variant of the Greek alphabet oracle would be interesting to see. Of course, the Boeotian alphabet (as you know) lacks Eta, Xi, Psi, and Omega, and instead adds Digamma,Heta, and Qoppa. Finding short, oracular verses for these letters shouldn’t be too hard.


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