hey, look at what I just did…

Pic 004

If you want to get this set, go here. Hey! Someone snatched them up, already! On the good side, I was planning to go to Michael’s and get more Sculpey, anyway (I have a coupon for there that expires this week), so after I make more, I’m going to post that set. 🙂


…and if you want my Hermes painting, go here.

My Apollon painting is still available here. You can also get a PDF download of the New Boeotian Calendar here.

Also, if you’re at all interested in the tiles I accidentally burnt, you can see them here. I’m only charging $5 to cover the P&P. If no-one claims them in a week, I’ll sell the first set I made, instead, and keep these ones. They’re still perfectly useful, they just aren’t as pretty as I’d hoped they’d be.

ETA: Did I forget to mention that there’s also a shit-tonne of Hellenic and other polytheist badges (and many more to come!) in the Religion & Magic section of my button shop?

Also: hey, did you see this Patreon thing?


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