With any luck, i won’t have to beg money for groceries….

So, I got back the first of what I hope will turn into a few divinations last night about painting. If no-one else offers by Thursday, I’m going to just ask a couple people if they can do it for a divination exchange, or if they can wait on whatever they may want me to may them.

On the good side, though, in addition to my monthly run to Target for shit like shampoo, cotton balls, supplements, and other stuff that I actually need (including a smaller grocery run), I stopped at Jo-Ann and picked up some Sculpey for making Hellenic alphabet tiles, Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough to do a full set, but at least tomorrow, when I hit PetCo for a new collar and tag for Nigel (another reason I’m short on money this month, the other cat, who gets massive separation anxiety that her owner, Science Genius Girl, is completely oblivious to and clearly has no interest in doing anything about except blaming my cat, when it’s clear to anyone without their head up their arse that this cat’s issues go *much deeper* than moving in with Nigel, well, she pulled Nigel’s collar off, and it’s disappeared), the PetCo is right next to Michael’s, so I can pick up a little more, so in addition to an old painting going up this week, I’m going to post some Hellenic alphabet tiles. I’m thinking of pricing them at $10/set, before postage.


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