As an aside….

Thanks to a generous donation, Nigel’s vet expenses are one-third covered, so far!

Even though I don’t do Christmas, and tend to only get most people cards (and a tiny select few I get New Year’s gifts on the Solstice –like my cat and one of my best friends, and, if I can afford it, my other three best friends), winter is always financially very lean for me, and my guess is cos I end up replacing some clothes and end up running out of a lot of lifestyle necessities around winter. True, i tend to make up for it by eating a lot of slow-cooker recipes that are very cheap to put together and provide me with 1-2 weeks of left-overs, but that’s food stamps, not cash purchases. Also, the apartment has silverfish, and it seems it may very well be that I’m the only one out of the four of us who knows how to be an adult and know this is nothing to freak out about, it’s a basement apartment, it’s a very common thing in basement apartments, you just make traps out of glass jars and masking tape and throw around little sachets of cinnamon and clove.

If this were springtime that his distemper vaccine was due, i doubt I’d need to raise the money, but as an incentive, if you can afford $5 or more, you have the option to take a spot on my annual greeting card list, which I’m willing to double, this year (which will still cost me less money than the vet bill later this month).

…or, if you’d rather get something a little less kitschy, pick up a calendar or Follow the Nocturnal Spirits shop for upcoming paintings and Hellenic alphabet tiles. (Shit, forgot the e-mail about the Divination Exchange last night).


PS: Patreon. Did you know if everyone following this blog, via e-mail list and FaceBook, donated $1/month, I can get to that “Bills paid on time!” milestone? Just think of how much that could be if I could count all the feed-readers, as well?


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