Patreon, WCBN, and How!

So this coming week begins my “apprenticeship” period at WCBN-FM Ann Arbor, and so far I have one apprenticeship of the required four scheduled, this being with WCBN “legend” Arwulf Arwulf on his Face the Music program. So I’ll be there this coming Thursday, 7-8pmEST (GMT-0500), and you can listen online at or via the mobile apps for Android or iPhone devices. Arwulf’s planned shows for the next eight weeks are to ring out 2014 with music from 1924, 1934, and 1944 *exclusively*. That’s the kind of thing that’s right up my alley, and should be totally interesting for everyone who can and wants to tune in.

So, now that my WCBN apprenticeship has made it this far, I’m making up for some lost blessings, and bringing incense out to the station every time, after. I just have three more apprenticeship shifts, two or three more volunteer hours, and the broadcast exam, and then I’m on the rotation of substitute DJs until Summer, when I’ll finally get put on the schedule. Keep me in your prayers, oh readers of my Hedonist, Erotic, and Nocturnal ramblings, this is something I’ve been threatening to do for at least the last ten years I’ve been in and out of this area.

So… Patreon, eh? I hear all the cool kids are doing it, and I figure that it won’t hurt to set up a page and cross my fingers, right? The worst thing that could happen? I’ll be no worse off than I am, right now, right? Especially since I’ve already started this month $30 into that $50 cushion I like to keep in my chequing account, even after transferring $50 out of the $175 I previously had in savings, to save me from overdrafting, and later this month, Nigel is due for his distemper vaccine, and already has an appointment and everything. I really don’t know how I’m supposed to do it, this month, especially since Etsy is no guarantee of anything, all things considered.

Which reminds me: I gotta e-mail that one guy about the divination exchange. I could still use at least one other person (preferably two or three more) to do a divination exchange with, so I can figure out what two or three days a week I should set aside for painting. Unfortunately, the Divination Exchange FB group seems kind of useless, at this point, which I find disappointing, cos that sort of group has the potential to be incredibly useful for learning new systems, but all it seems to be for the last fortnight is people posting face shots for free… face-readings? Hell if I know what’s going on, there, but I took my query to that group and it’s going no-where on a rocket sled. Over three thousand members, and barely a brain in the bunch, so I just removed myself, cos fuck it, I’d rather ask people here, anyway. 🙂

Also a reminder, in case anyone who was interested missed it, I’ve finished the New Boeotian Calendar, and you can purchase a PDF here. I’ve thought about it, and if, for whatever reason, you absolutely cannot afford the US$4 for a download, just message me via the contact for, and we can work something out –cos that really took me the better part of a week to do up for this year, and putting it together in the first place (five years ago, now) took me the better part of a year of researching and divinations. I offered it for free the first four years, and with my cost of living going up after moving, I really can’t just set it out for free, anymore, so if you really can’t give me money for it, email me, let’s see what we can work out.

And speaking of the calendar, I also said to Edward Butler on FB, so i might as well say something here about it:

If you want me to send you a printed, tear-off calendar with an original watercolour painting, just let me know any time between now and the 9th of December, to allow for plenty of shipping time before the Boeotian New Year. I can do these for as low as $45, and that includes P&P. If you’re one of those nit-picky people who needs to see examples of my art, just go here and click “watercolours” or “oils” –it’s basically a free calendar for the price of a watercolour painting.

…which reminds me: Every Friday this month, I’ll be posting another painting for sale on the Nocturnal Spirits Etsy until all the ones I need to sell are up, and I should also finally have a few bucks for polymer clay to make Hellenic Alphabet divination tiles (those, I’ll post as I finish a set, so whenever). Paintings I still need to post are Hermes, Dionysos, and a lot of Helios, Selene, Eos, and Astraios. Still not decided on whether or not Hekate stays or goes, nothing has really changed in our relationship, I just think maybe the extra space might do me good, but then again maybe not offending Hekate might do me better (at least until I do a new one, perhaps)?


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