So far, so good, for the calendar

So far, I’ve sold two copies of the calendar PDF! This is actually a lot better than I expected, especially in the first week.

The first of Boukatios starts 22 December 2014, so there’s still plenty of time to grab one, and at only $4, it’s cheaper than most eBooks.

My Nigel is due for his distemper booster this November/December, so the more I can sell before then, the better.

Also still seeking divination exchange with people. I’ll take any skill level, it’s just you read for me, I’ll read for you.

I overslept, today, and considering the bus being late every time since privatisation a few years ago, at this point I can either shower shower and get the bread and razor blades I need, *or* I can go to the radio station –and yesterday, I took the day off from the radio station to rest and sleep. So having two or three days of a week that I can set aside to paint would be great.


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