Just when i thought I’ve seen the stupidest thing I’ve ever read, I go and read the stupidest thing I’ve ever read….

So, I want to make this clear, that I’m not now (nor have I ever, just for the record) *directly* violating anyone’s implied trust or etiquette; that’s on someone else, who is also not the person who forwarded this item to me. The following is from FaceBook, someone whose friends-list I am not now nor have I ever been on, and as best as I can tell, nor has the person who forwarded it to me –as I’m at least three degrees removed from this, I feel somewhat safer from any implied breach of etiquette than someone else should.

Todd Jackson “ ‘Made to penetrate’ is an awkward phrase that hasn’t gotten any traction.”

Maybe because the idea is laugh-out-loud stupid.

“It’s also something we instinctively don’t associate with sexual assault. But is it possible our instincts are all wrong here?”


” We might assume, for example, that if a man has an erection he must want sex”

Well, yes!

Ten out of ten times, when I have an erection I want sex. I’m not looking for a place to hang my wet laundry so it can dry. I’m not looking to provide a chin-up bar for neighborhood children who need to work on their triceps. No, no, no.
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Todd Jackson If I were a woman I think I’d be pissed off by this.
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D Knowing an adult male that went through something very similar, I understand the article.
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Todd Jackson Did he go through it *as* an adult male, or as a boy?
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D Boy
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Todd Jackson That’s different.
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D Teens also have a lot of problems discerning sexual issues.
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E I am sorry, but some people can get erections for a variety of reasons, technically you do not even need actual mental cognition. Not to mention the whole psycho-sexual analysis behind it. I do not think we should dismiss men who might have had semi or full on erection, if I might speak blunt and freely, as really wanting it then. Anymore then we should be of women who were not as anti-aroused at the time…
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M Todd. Don’t let your biases cloud your judgement. You say that men who have erections automatically want sex? Want to be taken advantage off? Do you not have boners during your sleep, and sometimes wake up with morning wood as it’s so eloquently put in English? Do you not sometimes have surprise boners at the most inconvenient of times? Is that because at that moment you really want to have sex, or just because your body is being a dick (no pun intended) and doing things without your conscious involvement? Just like women who are raped by men can experience sexual arousal despite not wanting to have sex – which by the way is a source of endless guilt feelings of victims thinking they somehow must have wanted it, something that perpetrators and victim blamers often exploit – so can men have involuntary physical reactions, against their own conscious will. Just like when a women says no – even if she is legitimately aroused – so men can say no despite arousal, and if someone else then forces them despite their refusal, then that is called rape. Physical processes and reactions of the body do not necessarily reflect any conscious want of the person in question, be they male or female. In short, NO means NO.
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Todd Jackson Not buying it, [M].
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So basically, according to Todd Jackson, who (last I checked) was neither a medical doctor, nor a psychologist specialising in sexual abuses or human sexuality, nor even Annie Sprinkle who has a Phd in Human Sexuality –Todd Jackson, an easily-proved non-expert on sex and sexuality and the psychology of human sexuality and sexual abuses, thinks he knows more about the human body and sex than victims of sexual abuse.

He also purports to know how women would feel about the subject of men who are raped, when one of the leading feminist blogs on the Internet even admits that 1 in 20 men have claimed to be forced to penetrate.

Now, nonsense like this is no news to me, and the fact that Todd Jackson doesn’t know what he’s talking about has been non-news to me for years, but what I find offensive about this is that this man and his betrothed seem to fancy themselves priests and mouth-pieces for Apollon. Frankly, Apollonians don’t need people like this in positions of power within the community –I get enough crap from people on Tumblr who need an etymology lesson on linguistic drift of the word “rape”, especially with regards to Hellenic myth, I don’t need to see people who claim rape doesn’t happen or that consent doesn’t actually exist being treated as if longevity alone is enough to warrant respect.

I had already considered Kyklos Apollon to be tainted to the point of association with it being miasmic, and Todd just seems intent on digging himself an even deeper hole of polluted thinking.



7 thoughts on “Just when i thought I’ve seen the stupidest thing I’ve ever read, I go and read the stupidest thing I’ve ever read….

    • I kinda realized that Todd Jackson didn’t understand shot about the human body when, about five or six years ago, he had concluded that a friend of his who had “contracted lupus” (cos that’s how everyone gets autoimmune diseases, am I right? ) was reason to go vampire hunting. He’s no longer just a joke that I can laugh off, anymore. He’s setting up a dangerous precedent and actively making it unsafe for victims to come forward.


    • Yeah, it didn’t look like it was going well. Sorry you had to put up with that. I stopped taking him seriously about five or six years ago, when he decided to go (I shit not) “vampire hunting” and started banning people for being (his exact word) “muggles” and telling him that sounded ridiculous. A lot of other people seem to be writing him off lately (and every couple years, it seems –Sannion seemed to give up on Todd maybe 4 years ago, when Todd just kept talking in circles about being “Apollo’s numbed finger awakened” (another quote, I can’t make this shit up) for other reasons, but this was something so heinous I just couldn’t let it go, you know?


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