Update on Wild Hunt donation….

So i just did a count of badges sold so far this month, for my “Help Me Help the Wild Hunt” drive. I’ve sold *twelve* badges from the “Religion & Magic” section OR otherwise bearing a “pagan” or “polytheist” tag –meaning all of $6 I can set aside for The Wild Hunt! Unfortunately, all of The Wild Hunt’s blogroll links from the $15 Perk have been sold out, so unless someone wants to donate $50 for a link to Of Thespiae (the currently-cheapest Perk with a link), I’ll have to try for the next fundraiser.

That said, with The Wild Hunt almost at their $12,500 goal, perhaps you’d like to donate to something that is no-where NEAR its needed funds? Something that will be an asset to all sorts of people in the A2/Ypsi area, including other polytheists? I’m still trying to raise money for an event.

In other news, I’ve re-scheduled Nocturnal Spirits’ release for December, and have decided to re-open submissions for about two weeks –the new deadline is 1 November 2014.

I’ve also opened up a second Etsy shop! This is going to be for more polytheist-related items –like, I’ve been making Hellenic alphabet tiles for divination, and I’m hoping to do other things, as well, like maybe sell paintings regularly (including maybe some custom paintings), and maybe other things.


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