It’s a fine day to be a polytheist reading The Wild Hunt!

So, in case you missed Rhyd Wildergate, the comments have been closed a few hours, now, but it’s nice to see that the Wiccans(!!) in charge of TWH, JP-W and Heather greene, are standing behind Rhyd’s essay against gender essentialism. The comments, on the other hand, are a whole other story….

…but it *did* inspire me to run a donations drive (of sorts) for The Wild Hunt!

For every button I sell during the month of October which is from the “Religion & Magic” section or tagged “pagan” or “polytheist, I will donate 50¢ to The Wild Hunt’s donations drive! My hope is to be able to donate enough to claim a $15 Perk to buy a link in TWH’s blogroll, and I’ve basically got 28 days left to claim one of 23 such perks left —and a minimum of 30 such buttons to sell! I update my listings every day (usually between Midnight and 1am, EST/GMT-0500), so if there’s nothing you like right now, check back again tomorrow, or the next day.

Now, all buttons sold do help me out (for some reason the State of Michigan thinks I can get by on $668/month, not counting foodstamps, which for no reason given are getting reduced to $16/month in November [and yes, i plan to appeal this, meaning i get to be on the phone all day tomorrow —whee]), and if I can earn around $10 in this donation drive to the donations drive, I’ll just pay the difference outright (especially if TWH’s fundraiser is down to only one or two blogroll links!)

That said, give me another week, and I’m trying to raise money outright for a completely unrelated project, but if you want to help me help The Wild Hunt, go get some of my top-quality crap –Galina bought $100 worth at the Polytheist Leadership Conference, and Odin has not yet knocked me out, so I’m assuming they’re top-quality. 🙂


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