Ypsilanti Farmer’s Market

This is going to quicky become one of my favourite things to do in town. Not only has the state of Michigan decided to give “double bucks” on foodstamps to be used at farmer’s markets, but the YFM apparently sets up at the post office that’s only about three blocks from me every Tuesday.

One of the sellers today, “Diversity Jams” (if I’m recalling correctly) let’s you sample her stuff while her two-year-old runs around in a home-made “monster” coat. And apparently the two-year-old in question “designed” some of the jams. I could’ve easily spent the whole $10 I took out of my foodstamp balance in their Farmer’s Market tokens (five $1 tokens, and five $2 tokens, the latter ones being good only on fresh fruits and veggies) at the Diversity Jams stand, if such a thing were permitted. I sampled the Strawberry-Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rosemary jelly, and Queen Anne’s Lace jelly –and then I cut myself off, to make my decision-making process easier, even though the Elderberry, Pomegranate, Onion, Black Currant, and the aforementioned toddler’s berry blends were all staring at me. I picked up the Diversity rhubarb (I really *wanted* the Queen Anne’s Lace, but the maker suggested that’d go better with a lighter pastry, like croissants, and it’s hard for me to find pre-made croissants I can have, due to my soy allergy, so I figured I’ll spend some time this week researching where I can find croissants *or* dig up a recipe for making them, myself).

Amongst the other things I grabbed were seven medium-sized aubergines (I’ve dug up a moussaka recipe and a ratatouille), six large green bell peppers, and four heads of a sharp purple garlic. I also grabbed a pound of honey from a local-ish beekeeper named “Lissa” (short for Melissa, perhaps?), who perhaps noted my disappointment that I’d spent my “general use” tokens at the jam stand, and offered to take the $2 tokens.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to get in trouble for this.”
“Don’t worry about it, they don’t have to know.”

She also had a whole mess of beeswax candles I wish I’d gotten photos of –several bee, star, and flower-shaped ones, and a *huge* wolf-shaped candle.


2 thoughts on “Ypsilanti Farmer’s Market

    • A lot of mass-market breads (and cheaper stuff from the grocer’s “bakery”, which is typically made from a mass-market mix, not from scratch) has soy flour. Also, a lot of times the “butter” in cheap grocer’s “bakery” croissants is actually cheap margarine that needs soy lethicin to keep it from reverting back to a liquid oil.

      This is really one of the least-intuitive allergies to manage, and the restrictions put me on-par with vegans, considering how much of everything that most people take for granted that i simply *can’t* eat (and unlike vegans, I’m not *choosing* this).


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