Today’s Greek Alphabet Oracle

Γ (Gamma)
“Gaia [the Earth] {Gê} will give you the ripe fruit of your labors.”
Ripe: complete, final;
fruits: produce, returns, profits, results.
You will have a successful harvest, or you will reap all your profits from the Earth. The Mother of All will bring your labors to a fruitful conclusion. Gaia will give you your just deserts.

Π (Pi)
“Completing many {Polus} contests, you will seize the crown.”
Contests: struggles, trials, dangers;
crown: wreath, garland.
If you persist in your struggles, after many trials you will succeed. Perseverance through adversity.

Ξ (Xi)
“There is no fruit to take from a withered {Xêros} shoot.”
Fruit: produce, return, profit, result;
withered: lean, harsh.
There is no good to be gained from an angry young man or woman. The frayed end of a good line. Harshness and stinginess will achieve nothing. You can’t get blood from a turnip; you can’t get water from a stone. Don’t polish a turd.

I know i haven’t yet gone to bed yet for this, but if it still seems like a good idea after i sleep on it (or unless I don’t get a dream telling me I’m going in the wrong direction with this), I think between this one and the one from the other day,I’m going to go ahead with something I’ve been planning to post here for a couple weeks now. But I need to sleep on it, first –for a few reasons.


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