Eros and Psykhe in song

Mortals hubristicly compare Psyke to a beauty greater than Aphrodite

Aphrodite orders Eros to curse Psykhe’s affections

Eros cannot shoot Psykhe

Zephyros takes Psykhe to Eros crystal castle

Psykhe’s first night with her unseen husband

Psykhe’s sisters cast a seed of mistrust

Psykhe plots to see her husband

Psyke sees

The oil scorches Eros’ flesh

Psykhe cast out:

Psykhe’s trials




(selections made more on overall feeling than necessarily lyrical content)

while I have your attention: Were you aware that I only have $170 to go to meet my goal in fundraising for moving next week? I have less than a week to go! I pick up my key on Monday and haul my stuff to Ypsilanti on Wednesday!



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