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Nigel (inside) and Pwcca (outside). Pwcca is a stray cat I feed. If I have any moving donations left over, I really want to get her neutered.

If you want to make sure I have plenty of money to move on (and hopefully enough left over to get Pwcca spayed and make sure she stops leaving kittens all over the neighbourhood), PLEASE DONATE!!!

(additional info)

Pwcca (it’s Welsh, it’s pronounced like “pooka”; like Harvey from the eponymous film. Don’t ask why that’s her name, she just looks like that’s supposed to be her name, you know?) was hanging out with the intact Tom who pee’d on the porch just minutes before we moved in (he probably sensed the coming of Fat Bob –but that’s another story for another time) the winter we moved in. I don’t know what it was, but I could kinda tell that she was female right away and likely already pregnant when I started feeding her. That spring, when i started working on my ill-fated-garden-that-never-happened, she’d hang around and was clearly happy just to be by be, even though she’d never left me come closer than maybe two feet from her, and would scuttle off when I’d reach down to try and pet her. She had the first litter that I knew about two doors down under the porch, and shortly after they hit about 12weeks old, she left. Just kinda disappeared for most of the next year —likely to a different area of her territory (a cat’s natural territory can go up to eight miles in diameter), but the thought *did* cross my mind that if she got hit by a car or something, at least that’s one less cat I’d have to make sure gets neutered.

She showed up this last winter (though there had been the occasional “maybe”-sighting by myself and my humanoid meat-based housemate in the in-between time) and by the time March/April rolled around, she was clearly VERY pregnant, so pregnant that her belly was dragging, almost on the ground as she walked. We only saw one kitten (starting around May), who we called Blockhead cos of a distinctly square-shaped spot of grey on his head. Either her other kittens were stillborn or something got them all except Blockhead. Then in July, Blockhead somehow disappeared. We were alerted to this when Pwcca came up onto the porch, held herself up to look in through the screen door and started screaming at us. She’s barely left this very close area of the house (maybe three-to-five houses from this one) since then, and has spent an obscene amount of time on this porch. I have no idea if she thinks we took Blockhead, or if she just thinks we can do anything about it, but if I’m going to get her neutered, now is the time, and I just need the money to do so.

The Capital Area Humane Society (where I had Nigel neutered in December of 2012) will do females for $50, plus $10 mandatory rabies vaccination (which can be waived with proof of vaccine, but obviously when I can just barely afford vaccines for my own cat, I haven’t made sure the porch cats are up on their shots). I haven’t had a donation in about a week, and I’m starting to worry if I’m going to have enough for everything, and more than that, I’m worrying about whether or not I can get Pwcca neutered before I go to Ypsilanti.

To make matters worse, I’ve been observing and constantly learning about cat behaviour since I was little, and I think, like my Nigel, that Pwcca was abandoned years ago, long before my humanoid meat-based housemate and I moved to the area. Like I said, she clearly likes being around people she feels she can trust, at least to an extent, and she was very quick to trust me and the housemate. She was also really quick to learn the name I gave her and gets this contented look on her face when I talk to her. We got that outdoor animal shelter this last winter, hoping she’d have the kittens on the porch (she did not, she had them under the porch two doors down from the house in the opposite direction of the previous litter), and when we’re in my housemate’s bedroom watching Adult Swim stuff, MST3K, Archer, etc…, on the computer (cos the television is broken), she’ll just hang out on top of it, apparently just to be near us and hear us talking. I feel really sad for her, and if I had to money to get her a proper full vet exam (including all vaccines and a worm screening and treatment), I’d take her with me and see if she can be rehabbed and either keep her myself or see if she can be adopted, but I can’t do that, so the least I can do is make sure that she gets spayed so that she stops being a neighbourhood kitten factory.

If you have a few dollars to spare, please do so, if not for me than for Pwcca.



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