[moving 2014] Things are looking up!


Did you know I only need to raise a final $340 to meet my goal?

So, yesterday (Monday) I signed the lease. Actually signing it went well, and the woman who manages the properties is very nice, even loaned me an umbrella….

I usually travel with an umbrella, but I barely had three hours of sleep before my bus left, and only that much if i was lucky. When I got to Ann Arbor, it started raining. I went into the transit centre for the city buses, and asked what the most efficient route was to take to get to where I needed to go. The woman at the desk was “Oh! That’s my sister-in-law! She’s really nice. Just take the #4 and it’s a one-minute walk.” If only it were that easy….

I got on the #4, after all, it’d been over three-and-a-half years since I lived in the area, and to be perfectly honest, I know Ann Arbor better than i know Ypsilanti, which is kind of sad, really, especially as I’ve lived in the area off-and-on for fifteen years. I got off at the street I needed to be on (which was maybe twenty feet from The Weiner), and started my trek up the street, looking for the house number I needed. Let me tell you, this was NOT “just a one minute walk”. I had to be walking about fifteen or twenty minutes before I found the place (and made all the more confusing by the fact that the house numbers went down on the North side of the street from about 50 or so to *exactly* #1, and the #35 I was looking for was not listed –then the South side of the street went from #1 [yes, another #1] up to what I think eventually went into the forties –also at the North-to-South change, the side of the street with odd numbers and even numbers also changed).

Did I mention that the landlady loaned me an umbrella? That’s because after I got off the #4 bus, the rain came down harder, and I was without my own umbrella. I was wearing my hoodie and carrying my messenger bag and dragging a wheeled overnight bag. I had to pause at least twice in my journey down the street to find a dry spot on my t-shirt under my hoodie so I could wipe my glasses enough to see. IT WAS RAINING ENOUGH THAT I COULD NOT EVEN SEE, OH MAN I DON’T EVEN!!!!

I went in, signed the lease just fine, she said I could wait to see if the rain let up, and then when other prospective tenants came by she offered me a spare umbrella. That’s when I discovered that the woman at the terminal must hate her sister-in-law –cos *maybe* a block from the landlady’s home office was a bus stop for the #6 and right across the street was the place i used to sell plasma. I took the #6 back to the downtown A2 transit centre, which is right next to the post office, mailed out a stupid amount of Etsy orders, and checked my P.O. Box, which was now full of catfood coupons. Yay!

Now with nothing else to really do and a desire to get out of the rain, I went to the mall to go to the Sprint store and pick up a phone I reserved and activate service. A friend offered to have me join the Framily plan she and her mother started up (it looks like the slots max out at ten, meaning we have up to seven more openings, if you’re interested in switching service for a smartphone); on the good side, I can reason that this is not an irresponsible financial decision for a few reasons: I can let my humanoid meat-based housemate have his tablet back (which I hate), I will not be dependent on either open wi-fi or other people’s computers when i travel (which I do a lot of, for a poor person), in many of my social circles, it’s becomming more and more necessary, and most importantly, the phone can be paid off in installments and my first bill (and activation fee) won’t be due until next month –after I’ve already moved. Even Sannion has a smartphone (have you ever gotten an email from him when he’s used that instead of the computer?), and goat boy hates technology. Etsy is doing well-enough that yeah, my budget will be a bit tighter than it has been this last year, but it’s not like I’ll be going back to shampoo that’s full of sulfites and feeding Nigel kibble from the dollar store and making him poo in cheap clay litter (I’ll feed myself nothing but rice and beans before I do that). Remember how last year at this time, my Etsy sales were averaging me about an extra $60/month or so? I’ve averaging over $150/month, now –add that to my $668/month from the government and ice cream’s on me!

So I played around with my new phone a bit and decided to go to my friend Jeff’s record store and drool over things I probably shouldn’t get, give him my good news, and (as an unexpected bonus) make fun of the newly-befriended college kids he was smoking grass on the landing with for going back in with him to buy $100 worth of jazz records. Smoking grass and spending a ridonkulous amount of cash on jazz records: That’s living the 1930s dream, I tell you what.

I decided to head to the TS/TG group early so I could charge my phone at the Student Union, and did i mention yet that i was still without a place to crash overnight? It wasn’t for lack of trying, but with all the rain coming down, it was unacceptable to try and sleep in the cemetery, as is often a fall-back plan of mine when i don’t have anywhere else to sleep. One of the group friends did let me sleep at their place (apparently in the GQ or Questioning side of things, I don’t think I was there if/when they explained which, I just know during the round of names and pronouns, they cite no pronoun preference), which was nice cos while they didn’t have a spare room like the couchsurfing.com person I crashed with last time, they had a huge air mattress and a corgi who can spot a sucker from a mile away. Their apartment also had in-unit washer and dryer –which was nice cos even ten hours later, all of my stuff was still soaked from the earlier walk down that street, and they let me toss my stuff in the dryer for half an hour.

Then today (Tuesday), after I got back to Ann Arbor with plenty of time to spare, I stopped at Island Park and did some hydroscrying for a friend at the park shelter / temple. Unfortunately, while the layers of packaging protected my incense from the rain, it did not protect my lighter, and so I had to forego the candle and incense i usually start every such session with, but it was apparently as clear as it needed to be.

Obviously, I’m still in need of some money for my moving budget, so if this entertained you, or at least made you feel better about your own lot in life, please consider donating *something*. If all 21 people who subscribe to this blog via WordPress.com donated just $17, I will have just a tiny bit more than enough!


I’ve been sitting on this fact for some weeks now, but before I even talked to New Future Roommate, I consulted a friend for some favourable magics and bargained with the gods to paint again. Thing is, signing the least will mean nothing if I can’t really afford to move (or, gods forbid, I have to borrow money from my humanoid meat-based housemate to do so –and he’s been quite a weenus, lately, so I really don’t want to have to borrow money from him, especially since it’ll mean I’ll have to hear him complain about how *he* doesn’t have enough money to move, now, and all the expected passive-aggressive bullshit where he doesn’t actually cite in words that loaning me $340 is the reason he doesn’t have the money, but we all know that’s what he’s actually saying).


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