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So apparently someone made a post recently that stated Aphrodite would smite asexual people for existing. And there are people arguing against that on my dash, which is great! Hooray good for you! But the problem is, how people are arguing against this is gross and actually triggering to me, because these defenses wind up implying she DOES actively hate people like me for existing because I’m not the right kind of asexual.

“Chastity and celibacy are choices, whereas asexuality is not a choice.” – From our last large scale survey, 86% of the asexual people surveyed were not currently sexually active, and only 1% of asexual people reported enjoying sex. Does that mean Aphrodite hates 99% of all asexual people? Or does she only hate the 86% of us not currently having sex – or maybe she just hates the 65% of us who identify as being sex-repulsed or sex-adverse?

“Asexual people can love just as deeply as anyone else!” – 19% of asexual people are also aromantic (that is, they do not experience romantic attraction). Does that mean Aphrodite hates 19% of all asexual people (and maybe 100% of aromantic people)?

As a sex-repulsed, aromantic, asexual person, these “defenses” are only serving to reenforce to me that Aphrodite hates me and would kill me on the spot for existing. Which is the opposite of what was trying to be accomplished.

Also I think people forget about Dionysus?? Like he is the God of sex and wine. Although I don’t think he would out right smite them, but I think he’ll try to tempt them.

And before I get people telling me “oh because he’s a man he has to like sex!?” bitch have you not heard of Eurydice.

I’m gonna be completely honest and say that I have no idea what your post is actually saying, thequeensclock

That is 100% my brain not being able to follow, not your fault


I don’t know about you, euphemebutterfly, but I think these arguments as a whole fall victim to the fallacy that all deities love all people, including Their worshippers, equally.

Personally? I do, indeed, get the impression that Eros is completely indifferent to the asexual community, cos sex is such a HUGE part of Who He Is and What He’s About that if you’re not engaging in or enjoying sex, or not even feeling any kind of sexual attraction, you’re just irrelevant to Him. I also get the impression (from things He’s actually said*) that He’s annoyed by people who are part of that community and choose to worship Him, anyway, cos it’s a matter of “what are they even getting from this?”

I can’t answer any of this for Aphrodite –yes, Her cult has been linked to Eros’ since ancient times, but as a Boeotian polytheist, most of my research says that was more a thing in Attika, and the use of Aphrodite’s name in regards to Boeotian practises was more of a euphemistic epithet for Nyx, or a syncretism from non-Boeotian writers, so I tend to see Aphrodite as less-relevant to Eros’ cult, with regards to the practises I’m reviving/reconstructing. I doubt the Theoi have any interest in outright smiting those who don’t directly insult Them, but another’s mileage may vary.

My point is, though, in a truly pluralistic belief system, the gods are completely autonomous in every sense –and They don’t have to love or even appreciate Their worshippers, much less anyone else. There are many Goddesses in the Hellenic and other Mediterranean pantheos that explicitly Love Everyone –Hestia, Isis, and Kybele come to mind– but if one is going by the ancient sources, it’s completely valid to believe that other Deities may also be disinterested in, dislike or even despise certain people. If each deity is an individual, then it follows that not Everyone is going to appreciate all of Their worshippers equally. If you were previously unaware, Artemis HATES ME, I can best honour her by not worshipping Her, and I have that straight from Her brother’s mouth (though portrayed as Her words), in absolutely no uncertain terms; She finds something about the very core of me “repugnant and offensive” and that the only option I have to respect Her is to leave Her alone.

There are just some people certain deities are disinterested in, distrust, dislike, or downright despise. One need not worship Every Deity, nor even Every Major Deity Who Gets All the Fan-Fic to be a good polytheist. Yes, if one is taking a more-traditional-minded approach, it’s best to honour an entire pantheon, regardless of what one gets out of it. Yes, there are many facets to most deities’ Being, and certainly Aphrodite is much more than a Goddess of Love & Sex –but it also seems to be a HUGE part of Who She Is; it’s like when Pete Helms has said (and I’m paraphrasing) that people who want to take the War / Martial aspects out of Ares in order to make worshipping Him more palatable to their own personal senses, they’re doing something rather wrong –it’s hard to have a relationship with a mortal when you can’t even acknowledge something HUGE about them that you disagree with, so it’s at least as-impossible to have a relationship with a deity while ignoring something as HUGE as War to Ares or even Love & Sex to Aphrodite or Eros. And yes, sometimes the gods just don’t care for certain people; Artemis hates me, and somehow I’ve survived (mind, I also don’t go around insulting Her or challenging Her boundaries) –maybe Aphrodite feels the same about the asexual community, or maybe She is just as appreciativve of them as She is of anyone else who isn’t insulting Her but affording Her worship? Maybe She can’t stand them any more than Artemis can stand me? The thing to remember about worship is that it’s not about you or your “feels”; it’s about giving a deity Their due, and if that makes one feel good to do so, all the better.

Psychology is for mortal feelings. Worship is for building a bond with the Divine. If a particular Deity won’t adhere to one’s desired bond, then one can’t make Them do so, no matter how much one wants that bond to stick and hypothesises the ways that this bond is possible and will somehow work for oneself or another.

*and other people can believe me or not, won’t affect me or my relationship with Him one way or the other



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  1. Wow, some people really need to get their heads out of the Old Testament…Aphrodite (or any god?) smiting people? Heck if she was going to smite anyone wouldn’t it be politicians/activists who are promoting sex-negative policies like ignorance-only education? Rather than people who just aren’t interested in sex, but don’t bother anyone else? Once again I think someone is dragging religion into their personal identity politics agenda (the anti-asexual person I mean)


    • I totally agree with this sentiment. Granted, I also think that if one is outright insulting a deity then one will get whatever that deity feels one deserves, but there’s a world of difference between insulting a deity and accepting that She is not all that relevant to one’s own life.


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