[cross-posted from my Tumblr diary]


Still in meed of about 25% of my needed moving budget! All of the necessary cat needs are taken care of, and I’ve managed to wrangle in a couple friends to help with the moving of things, so it looks like I mostly just need the allotted amount for first month’s rent! I’m signing the least tomorrow and writing out the check for the security deposit. My food stamps were just cut off cos Ingham County gave me less than a week to send them a copy of my bank statement, so I’d like to be able to move without draining my bank account! (Hopefully everything will be sorted out before I move, but I have high anxiety disorder, and I can manage it best by avoiding stress and preparing for worst-case scenarios.)

As you can see from the update on the GoFundMe page, Nigel took his shot and cyborg upgrade (er.. microchip) like a champ! Now with computer parts in him, he’s a double threat as both a potential member of the coming Feline Uprising, and as a member of the Robot/Cyborg Uprising. Please don’t anger our new overlords, whoever they may be. It’s probably best to anger neither Dionysos nor Aphrodite, as well —did you know that the oldest evidence of cats as a cherished domestic housepet is from a Kypriot grave that contained the skeleton of both cat and human along with seashells, polished stones, and other “ritually significant items”? I highly suspect this denotes now-lost significance to Aphrodite, possibly Adonis (whose similarities to Dionysos are striking, but another story for another time), and we all know how Aphrodite gets when She’s mad… I’m just sayin’….


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