From my GoFundMe page update:

Nigel likes to watch....

Nigel likes to watch….

I am signing the lease on MONDAY!!! I know I’m just over halfway to my goal, but i *need* the amount for a security deposit –and unfortunately, because the low-cost vaccine/microchip day is only one day a month (and Nigel really needs the chip and his FELV vax; if one of these other cats isn’t up on their shots, or something were to happen and he got out, it really is his best protection), which is the day before I go back to A2/Ypsi, this means I NEED to raise a lot more by then! They said they can accept part of it when i sign the lease and the rest on move-in day (the 25th), but I’d rather it look better for me and get it in asahp! CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN???

So what do you say, can we? We just breached the halfway mark a couple days ago, and I just updated the maths –if every single person who’s subscribing to this blog via WordPress.com (WP.com reader and e-mails, combined) donated just $28 (my lucky number!) then I’m in the clear! C’mon, if BNP, TWH’s JP-W1 can donate $20 to the cause, surely you can do that or better, right? (If you can’t, why not? Aren’t we polytheists at a war with pagans? Do you really want to let the pagans win??2

Can’t find the little progress bar widget thing? Can’t be bothered to go to the frontpage of this blog where it is practically all over? Here you go!


1: translation – “Big Name Pagan, The Wild Hunt’s Jason Pitzel-Waters; don’t mind me, all the initials just entertained me for a mo’….
2: in case you couldn’t tell, I was being funny. I’m hilarious; a laugh-and-a-half. My mother said so. Are you calling her a liar? If so, that’s cool –I was a caesarian birth, so it’s not like you’re saying I came out of a liar’s vag or anything….


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